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    METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate over are the days in which the object record locally, a value from the gut was estimated by the broker. Ad were not transparent and maybe also not free of interests of the real estate broker, while hock value estimates by owners required, counted they have but ultimately only slightly. As should also the owner, through a just assessment”caused confidence in the competence of the broker is often even inviting? Price of the owner was the broker with its single rating under the ideas of the party, he was an equity interest, for a lower price sale quick subordinate. Estate agents determined a value higher than the ideas of the owner promised the sale object was hardly negotiable until the adjustment of the price.

    Free versus viewing appreciation free created often for convenience, has not enhanced the standing of many brokers. In particular, lack of transparency and neutrality of the real estate assessment were for home and apartment owners reason to offer of several brokers are skeptical. Source: Rob Daley. Now a broker could occur bad bulky computer systems with PC Tower, monitor, keyboard, and printers at the customer, to make a real estate valuation site. Since the evaluation software on the computer helped him little. Alternatively, object data in the on-site meeting on paper to bring, no cheap solution was to use them later in the Office of the data processing. In the meantime, a broker colleague could have pull the sales order on land and make all efforts of the first broker’s niece.

    Insert the current facilities the better solution is to take advantage of the current technical possibilities. The real estate agent today, perceives well equipped object recording dates. Fender follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In conversation with the owner, he captured the essential object data on his Tablet PC and bring them, thanks to the mobile Internet connection, online evaluation. For this purpose he joined online with IMMOBILIENWERT24 and receive immediately a method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation. Owner involved mostly property owners are surprised by the easy and quick way of assessing real estate via the Internet. The earlier often doubt neutrality of the broker is today no exclusion criteria. Especially if the owner has participated in the mobile object data acquisition, a stable basis of trust is created. The broker pays the fee for an online real estate valuation site created is low. Brokers often use the favorable price structure of the provider for online real estate valuations. Real estate agents usually carries the evaluation fee when placing the sale contract. Faster and cheaper it is otherwise hardly on a mediation mission, in which also the purchase price to be achieved is realistic from the outset. More information can be found at:

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