July DGT

    Until the 10 of July 726 people in traffic accidents, have died 85 less less than in the same period of 2010. 44 hurt when upsetting a bus in Girona. She in force enters the 011, the new telephone of information on traffic. Twelve people have passed away during the weekend in the Spanish highways in twelve fatal accidents, according to has informed the Main directorate into Trfico (DGT). In the wrecks, in addition, four people have been serious wounds and four minor wounds. Of the deceaseds, one has been motorist. Of the 12 accidents, five have been collisions, five exits of via, and two upsettings.

    In accumulated the annual one, until the 10 of July, they take entered 726 deceaseds, 85 less than until the same date of the last year, which represents a reduction of 10.4%. New telephone of information Traffic will replace the present number of information on traffic and highway towing, 900 123 505, by the 011 as of this Monday, according to informed the Main directorate into Trfico (DGT). beginning of this new number, accessible from all the national territory, " shorter and easy to remember " , according to the DGT, some in the information service does not suppose change that this organism provides, since the provided information continues being gratuitous for the citizen. Nevertheless, as of this Monday, to use new the 011 it will be necessary to pay the call, although the price will have a cost that will not be able to surpass corresponding to a scope call naciona l. That is to say, the call will be pleased, but not the information service, that it will continue lending of gratuitous way the DGT. Source of the news: Twelve people have died in the highways during the past weekend

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