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    PARTNER: Normally this last part, your concubine, the person that most loves, the individual by which we feel so dear, asks you a garden for children, many usually do not keep looking floor, tell her stage fright, fear of having so much responsibility. The garden can give many joys as well as many headaches, not already for you, if not by the mere fact of having company on the side, now would be the time to talk about the rooms, a pretty important issue, taking into account that it is where much of our daily hours, are passed by say it somehow. PSYCHOPATH: You come with the small downside that the need the large room, since you can not sleep on a small mattress and because as always you usually sleep accompanied, an inanimate figure or even simple girls that change of face, face, way of moving and other small details that then you realize when you see that, without wanting to disappear, simple chance. Botanical: Subtraction say would this type, like so many others ask you, first, the large room that you need your space, but in reality, you go after three days and to open the door you find that you have moved to a small Amazon within that small bedroom that now looked like a jungle, with the simple fault that does not inhabit birds. PARTNER: This last part requires a small snag, is not that you remove the room, because you share it, but clear, from small you’ve slept on the left side of the bed and she, the other party will come with the question that collapses all kinds of possible illusion with the question which side of the bed you would sleep? something that when going to respond, you see that she answers you right away I’m used to sleep on the left side is that it will me better, I hope you do not mind then she turns the right look, giving you back and narrow once and for all the issue. This is one of the few things, by now named of which take into account, we will continue talking about depending on the topic, if you do not think bad, of course. Original by Lan Autor and source of the article.

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