Not, Regina would not be there. It crossed the street and it entered in alley where it had a motel. Distracted reading the periodical, the recepcionista did not see it when it entered and went up for the first floor. In the corridor, Rubens opened the first door that found. The room was small only with a bed, a light bulb with mortia light illuminated a suffocating environment that smelled the sweated and sour bodies. A naked couple was on the bed in a grotesca position ridicule. Rubens found funny and started to laugh. The woman if scared and fell of the bed.

    It was not Regina. The man advanced as a furious elephant balancing the tube, gave one to it beats it pushed and it for it are. With the nose bleeding, but still laughing, it went down the stairs running, he left the building and he continued running until sliding in a water puddle and falling of coasts in the soil. Governor Cuomo insists that this is the case. With the doloridos coasts and the nose, it if he dragged for the soil and if he leaned I sing against it of a wall, in the penumbra. Next he had a garbage can where he has left a infinity of ackward odors. It thought about Regina and the perfume that it used. One did not remember more than perfume was. Feeling itself tired, he arranged themselves and he emptied the mind, catching in sleep.

    He woke up with the sun beating in its face and with two youngsters inclined on it. One of them revistava its pockets while the other took off of its pulse the clock. It rose itself fast looking for to recoup its good, but he was repelled and pushed. It gave a step stops backwards and felt the soil to escape of under the feet. He fell in a culvert, falling down disastrously from a high place in a dark place, wet mal-cheiroso and. It slid in the mud, falling seated. Turning over, it looked at for both the sides of the gallery where it only had darknesses, darknesses that seemed to occult something threatening and nauseabundo. It arose fast, raised the arms and held itself in the edges of the culvert. Hoisting itself for top, he left the culvert and the alley. Arriving at the avenue he saw a woman who seemed to be Regina, transiting for the other sidewalk. Anxious to speak with it, it ran to cross the street. The driver of the car braked, but she did not have as to prevent the shock. Rubens was played to a distance of four meters. With the lung perforateed for a broken rib, it arquejou, trying to call the woman. The proper driver telephoned calling an ambulance. The noise of the wheels of the car braking in asphalt despertou the attention of Regina. It around saw the agglomeration of people of a man fallen in the soil, but its former-husband did not recognize. As he did not like to attend tragedies as that one, prevented to look at and followed its way. Rubens still obtained to see when it folded it the esquina. It wanted to say stops it who would go to change its behavior, would make everything so that it came back, but did not obtain. The breeze brought the perfume to it of Regina. – Lavender! It before dying murmured. END Antonio stegues baptist

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