Leon Denis

    The death of the body does not hinder that the deixarred a carne spirit continues with its form of behavior, thus deixars a carne after it, who practises the good continues its way, who is in the evil, to the times it is worse, and who does not conform can be imprisoned to the terrestrial sphere and mainly populating its old environment and transforming into badly haunted, nor always for fondness to be assombrador, but due to conscience from that it cannot more return to its just separate body. It has espritos that when deixarring a carne for murder alone they obtain to become free itself after joined its bodies or seeing punished its assassin, therefore also start to appear in the haunted gallery of the evil, but when they obtain its objective finally they follow its way. (the film one to look at of the paradise and ghost). The espritos have some forms of if to communicate and it becomes what them visible of some form for the livings creature are action, and one of the forms of them if to make gifts next to fleshes-color are the induction, that is, through the thought they many times make with that the flesh-color takes decisions. How much to its moral state this can be described for the form as it acts stops with fleshes-color; the assombrao, for example, is a communication form that calls the attention for the necessity treatment for the spirit that if finds misadjusted, but of general form it is by means of the communication that if can distinguish the order from the spirit that speaks. For a intent and studious person of the subject it is possible to perceive until when a spirit it is wanting to transfer itself for another one in the attempt to deceive the receiver of the message. In a manifestation of physical phenomenon, for example, according to Leon Denis, the presence most common is of inferior espritos, first because they are not worried in if improving morally then practise all type of event, later because they need to act in coarse way so that the fleshes-color can recognize to them, and finally because they are to our return in bigger amount. .

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