Magolino EBook Edition – Theodor Fontane – Under The Pear Tree

    Magolino exclusive eBook Edition: a kriminalistisch exciting action sequence effectively connect with the literary merits, called “half detective story” in Fontane a small novel under the pear tree (Magolino Edition), an Ernst Bloch, Theodor Fontane – under the pear tree careful psychology, accurate descriptions of the milieu which are held pending battle between superstition, religion and enlightened. Fontane is regarded as the outstanding representative of poetic realism in Germany. In his novels he succeeds, particularly well to characterize people by he accurately describes their appearance, their environment, and especially their manner of speaking. Typical for him the neat conversation in a closed circle is (also called Causerie) about a feast where the people follow social conventions and reveal but their true interests – often against their own will. In Fontane from a criticism of individuals often leads to an implicit social critique. In Fontane auktorialem writing style is also striking his ironic humor, which he called “best way” to the same in his review of “The ancestors” by Gustav Freytag in “The concept of the Transfiguration as element of realism” (1889).

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