Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    The Group informed passersby about the protests of the demonstrators in Iran on November 4, the destruction of Sufi since the Presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s and the law against apostasy, which stipulates the death penalty for anyone who renounces Islam, like before recently Ehsan Fattahian happen sanctuaries. More than 250 women and men held her face in the camera, in order to express their solidarity with the people of the Iran. Some of the faces are together side by side on a poster that appears in the Web pages that are accessible from the Iran, as well as in shops and venues in Europe depends on. A film will be released on youtube. The action aims to increase pressure on the regime in Iran, and to signal support for the people there. Many people in Brussels were very well informed about the fanatical action and intentions of the mullahs in the Iran and they were not at all agree to. At the latest since the presidential elections in June the mask of the beneficiaries of the system is dropped, and the whole world witnessed how, the leaders announced their legitimacy itself. You refer to as Islamic and peaceful and let publicly beat up women, children and old people and torturing protesters in prisons and force false confessions. A young student from Germany showed is combative: “I support this action like, because my Iranian students are fighting for their own future and the future of their country against a brutal system. I would you like to call to: singing continues, it will break the wall of the ignorant and brutal leaders who want to hold you captive! Slaps on the system which is based on violence, will break in on itself.

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