Martinez Rodrigo

    A negotiation in this area occurs when the negotiator can get all or most of the results his party wishes, but without driving to the opposing party to permanently disrupt the negotiations. Traditional bargaining is sometimes called win – lose due to the hardness of the negotiators who seek to get as much as they can for their part. In the 1970s, practitioners and researchers began to develop the approach to win – win negotiation so that the two parties were satisfied to have obtained benefits. This is a good thing to avoid possible future conflicts. Javier Martinez Rodrigo, reminds us, that in negotiating it plays a significant role non verbal and thereon language provides that non-verbal language is absolutely transcendent in the negotiating stage.

    We must not forget that more than 80% of the communication between the parties will be non-verbal. It is therefore a detail that should be you an attention and a special preparation. Unfortunately many do not consider it, they overlook what it represents and what we can achieve are attentive. The aspects that must be looked after more are those that reinforce our internal calm. What makes us more quiet during a negotiation? We do not have loose threads, that analysis has been thorough, honest and objective, that we present with a positive, and dispassionate attitude wanting to win and to win together with us. Every moment of a negotiation is a source of self-knowledge and wisdom. That inner peace will do we manifest in our non-verbal language everything positive that we have inside. Cannot be controlled easily what they feel and if we try it in these circumstances, we manifest a contradictory and easy for an expert to detect non-verbal language and believe me, I always have in front of us an expert. More positive non-verbal language is the reflected when we inclined position of the upper body forward, smile, we are moving firmly, slowly, without any nervousness ticks and all nodding when we listen to our interlocutor as well letting you know that we listen to you, understand and understand.

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