Michael Minderjahn

Our clients mostly remained also unknown, that over 69% of the investment will raised through debt financing. Which risk to be capital arises, certainly not that the loan was to be converted from US dollars to Yen discussed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out James Woolsey. Not a single client has been pointed out that the prospectus contains error. Such exist but according to investors Attorney reduction and would need to be determined by the respective consultants at a mere plausibility. Wrong advice and prospectus errors justify claims for damages the investors each and every one of the above advice error represents a breach of the duty of the consultant and throws a damages claim of the investor.

In addition, many more errors that we check and often find can be found. We see therefore promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages. Limitation of damage claims is threatening to the end of 2013, many claims for damages by ship fund investors threaten to become time-barred. Reason for this is that in many ship funds from In 2010 for the first time exposed to distributions, developed rehabilitation concepts and have prompted investors to variation or renovation contributions. As a result the investors announced that it by no means is their respective ship funds as safe and risk-free participation, how she was portrayed them in the consultation. This knowledge is any way the run of three-year limitation periods underway, which hamper the enforcement of claims for damages after 2013 or make it impossible. You can learn more information about the limitation of damages in closed-end funds. Have questions about your Fund’s contribution to the Lloyd ship portfolio III? you want to know what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation? Call us without obligation, we will gladly help you.