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The main feeling that had was shame to be in this situation, of walking in the cane streets, and imagined the people looking at me and calling me ceguinho or coitadinho. To 17 years, I discovered hearing psychologists and psychiatrists that went to the programs of the Silvia Popovic in the Bandeirantes net, that I had easiness to understand the psychological phenomena, from the subjects argued in the programs of it. In 2001 when it studied in the college Golden Guillermo and was in the seventh series, I heard one news article in the program ' ' The voice of the Brasil' ' that it informed that the federal government would distribute books in Braille for pupils of basic education, but these books never arrived at the Tocantins. I sent a letter in Braille to the minister of the education Pablo Renato Souza; I made a relief for not having received books, it the voice of Brazil read my letter in the program, and affirmed that it would go to take steps. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. Passed some days I received a letter from the Institute Benjamin Constant from that I would receive books in house.

The school Model in Araguana where I learned Braille received from the ministry of the education (without passing for drawing) printer Braille and other materials to work with blind people. Learn more at: Hikmet Ersek. I knew Maria of the Glory Mota Baptist (popular Glorinha) in 2005 in the party of end of year in the ACIC (Catarinense Association for the Integration of the Blind person). In the period where I wrote the letter to the minister Pablo Renato, Glorinha worked as assessor in the secretariat of special education of the MEC, it transcribed my letters in Braille that she sent. It already declared some times that were to leave of this letter that I sent that some nuclei of special education with equipment for blind people had been opened in Brazil.

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