Money Or Democracy That Is The Question

The opaque, dirty and escabrosas interrelations that exist between the economy and the policy are more and more intense, and are many the tests that force to us to reflect about the present democratic mechanisms. How it is possible that people who have had their power as positions public happen, in hardly weeks, to being high positions in private companies? The pays that pay when leaving their political positions to them and the type of activity without another assignment that the one to grow or to mediate between borders thanks to the agendas acquired in the political life, force to pose many doubts on the honesty with which they have exerted his responsibilities in the State. They have guarded really by the public interest or, on the contrary, they have acted in agreement with his personal interests and the ones of his nearer surroundings? They would receive the same supplies if public had worked only by the interests? As he shows to the case of David Ivory palms, ex- director of the Economic Office of the President of the Spanish Government and who has stopped to happen to be president of SEOPAN, a group of interest formed by the main Spanish construction companies. But it would not have to be strange to anybody, have occurred an endless ones of similar cases lately: Tony Blair, Jos Maria Aznar, Schreder In the middle of the real estate crisis, Ivory palms took position in favor of which the government took part in the market of the house, going to the rescue of the real estate ones in hardships, and opposing again the Minister of Economy Who can think that is accidental? Quite the opposite. It is absolutely logical that the great companies that public live on favors, or their associations formed like interest groups, contract those people who during their respective political races have been to their service.

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