National Gallery

    Flying has said London is a city unique, absolutely special and who falls in love with anyone who puts feet on the streets, albeit only once. It is a modern, cosmopolitan metropolis, and at the same time with a great historical memory. Still I do not know any person who has been able to resist the charms of London. It is the largest city in United Kingdom and one of the largest and Europe, and has a vast population that all they have in common is their accommodation. In fact, the city join Chinese cultures, hindu, Arabic, Moroccan, Italian and English, as well as many others.

    The cultural offer of London is unparalleled, and is that you can enjoy a pleasant evening walking along Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square or on the Thames or enjoy a spectacle without equal watching a musical as the Lion King, Chicago, Dirty Dancing or the Phantom of the Opera. In addition, there is a great variety of museums, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery. the Victoria and Albert, Tate Modern a whole range of cultural possibilities that won’t leave you indifferent. In addition, now you can get for a very affordable and economical price your flights. London is a city of great level, so it will come well save yourself a few euros in banknotes. The same applies to the Big Apple. Now you can find cheap flights to New York by an incredible price, so you can enjoy your New York experience for very little money. Don’t miss the existing offerings and to fly!

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