New Online Exchange For Agricultural Trade Is Launched

    With the Internet page, trade in agricultural goods opens up new trade routes, now in compact and lightweight form. Luchow, November 11, 2008 – for years, E-commerce is an increasing factor in many divisions. This trend does not stop at the traditional agriculture. That Internet commerce and agriculture very well can complement each other, proves the cattle and more stock now. What had to be researched previously troublesome on various Internet sites, offers in collected form. It combines nationwide offers and requests for slaughter, fattening, and livestock. The cattle Exchange adds product categories such as feed, fertilizer and renewable raw materials. Even agricultural land, real estate, transport services, and jobs can be found on and negotiate.

    Quickly and easily the agricultural Exchange delivers all news related to the agriculture and animal husbandry. The primary objective of the operators is to bring sellers and buyers of agricultural goods directly together. If you would like to know more about luca savi, then click here. Without long driving distances, it is farmers now possible to find out online about offered animals and other goods in the whole Federal territory or to advertise itself deals with photo and description. This online Exchange to profitably connect to all players in the industry. Everyone should save money and especially time. “Because of which farmers and traders have very little,” explains Christian Hock, Managing Director of agrartrade GmbH, the advantages of the cattle and more stock.

    Hall got the first idea a year ago. When I found that I could save most of my travel costs in the year, if I could let me just somewhere previously, another long trip I began to befriend me with the idea to develop a central Internet platform itself”, so Hall next. This idea was ultimately also the cattle merchant Hans Georg Wehr and livestock marketing Luchow-Dannenberg. Both joined in March 2008 as a partner of agrartrade GmbH Hock and henceforth make available its expertise and its longstanding industry contacts. Now, is it as far as a new era for agricultural trade can begin. The platform will start in Germany. In the near future, we want to extend our offer but to Europe. Additional application features should also follow. “, so the future vision of Christian Hock. Who even wants to try the benefits of the online exchange for cattle and more, can do this immediately under. The membership is free of charge for all seekers and providers have the opportunity to test the offer for four weeks and to give up free listings.

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