New World Cup Hit

    First performance in front of 10,000 spectators at the public viewing in Frankfurt / Main together with teachers and pupils started the project “4 star” in attack note fun, a song for the German team for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The catchy number in the style of wool Petry goes equally to the ears as in the feet, you can actually not unlike immediately to sing along. Even die-hard football muffle are grateful even to hear not the noise of the Vuvuzelas. The success of the song is not only regionally notable, because already 2 days after completion the students and teachers were invited your World Cup song on heater live at the public viewing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany to present. Without hesitation Uwe Brings explained all about the problem. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt, one of the largest football festivals organised again, about 10,000 visitors are expected.

    If the German team progresses, so the band around the front woman of Katharina Muller (22), there will be also an Edition on CD. More performances are planned and already requested. If the song is still so successful the fulfilled dream of maybe Band, the song once on the radio to hear, we keep our fingers crossed. Marco Breitenstein, who produced currently, including the new album “Garden” with Daniel Kublbock, has arranged the right mix of danceable Discofox and football hit in the Studio and launched a unique contribution to the World Cup 2010 with its teachers and students. The song is available for free at to download, the video is for the song on Monday, 28.06.2010, also published. Marco Breitenstein (MB)

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