Northeastern Region

    According to Unique, the Brazilian association of the sector of the ethanol, in 2009 27,500 million took place of liters, in 2008 22,500 and 2007 about 17.700. In the middle of November of this year a production of 22,900 million liters of ethanol had been entered On the other hand, us it remembers in addition, that the Brazilian ethanol industry has more than 30 years of history and uses like agricultural consumption the sugar cane, uses modern equipment, has developed its own technology, the residues of the cane are used like producing energy in the distillation process, thus the price of the Brazilian ethanol is very competitive, and secures a relatively high energy balance (reason energy generated/used energy in the process) that varies being 8.3 and 10.2 following the use of the best practices. The ethanol production is concentrated in the regions Center and the South of the country, being the State of Sao Paulo the main producer. In these two regions 90% of the Brazilian ethanol production were concentrated almost in 2004, and the almost all the rest takes place in the Northeastern Region. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Thredup. Very interesting to take into account us it contributes the mentioned source of intelligence to it, that: The Brazilian automobile industry developed vehicles that operate with flexibility in the type of fuel, calls flexible fuel vehicles, popularly known like " flex" in Brazil, since the motor works with any proportion of gasoline (mixes E20-E25) and hydric ethanol (E100). Available in the market as of 2003, these vehicles were a commercial success, and in August of 2008 the fleet of cars " flex" it had already reached 6 million vehicles, including light automobiles and commercial vehicles, representing a 23% of the fleet of light vehicles of Brazil. The success of the vehicles " flex" , altogether with the obligatory use at national level among 20% and 25% of alcohol mixed with conventional gasoline (E25 gasohol) for the vehicles of motor to gasoline, they allowed that the ethanol consumption surpassed the gasoline consumption as of April of 2008. .

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