Online Business Cards

    The decision to create a website is always preceded by a selection of the site. Customer need to determine the design and content of the site. Initially, sites are divided into commercial and noncommercial. Commercial web site exists for profit. This may be a site of any variety, but it has to always be selling or facilitating sales. For example, a promotional site that directly sells nothing, actually promotes the product, company or brand.

    The same purpose may pursue the site "content design" or forum. Non-profit sites create state organizations and institutions, public organizations, as well as political parties and movement. They usually carry only the information content. These sites usually contain large amounts of content and do not sell products and services. Non-profit sites are also international organizations and different communities, faith-based organizations. Also, non-commercial sites are live journals, communities of interest or forums that are created for communication between people, which are grouped among the interests of – professional or hobbies. By purpose or goal of creating Web sites are divided into the following types: Online Business Card Corporate Mission Electronic (Internet) Shop Website Type "content design" (news website) Promotional website Forum Media Gallery LiveJournal Portal Enterprise management system.

    Site-card – a simple web-based resource that contains general information about the company, its products and services. Concise and compact, like a real card. Corporate Office. These sites will automate the company's activities. They are functions of the online shop, ordering systems, communications services, electronic document exchange, etc. Internet store – the site was for sale of goods and services via the Internet. On this site we can see the catalogs, price lists, order forms for goods. Information or content site – a site containing an extensive information on a particular topic. These sites usually contain large amounts of information materials from various sources. These sites are usually non-profit type. Content-project – a collection of texts, articles and other information, its main task – to attract visitors to a particular topic. Then this traffic is directed to the commercial resources, so the content is used as a project an advertising platform. Promo site – a site that was created specifically to promote any product or service, as well as the main site of the company. Promo site – usually an additional resource organization, as an exception can only be called a promotional site, which was created specifically to advance the company of a certain product or product category. Forums can be a separate web site, and may be one of the sections of the resource. Usually do on the forum subdomain of the main site, it will arrange for communication with visitors to each other and with the administration of the site. Media and news online edition – this is usually a major Internet resource, which is in the form of portal. Internet media post news on politics, economics, sports, culture, which is updated frequently. Portal – a huge online resource intended to provide groups of people with some interest. The portal connects many different services that can provide the opportunity to purchase goods. Enterprise management system – a site with built-in system of corporate enterprise data.

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