Pablo Picasso SAW

    That phrase, given to Picasso, some interprets like a scorn towards the computers or the technology. me it does not seem it, nor I believe that was in the spirit of Pablo Picasso. it seems to me accurate a shining reflection and on the computers, that only give answers. To whom that can seem to him little? It is responsibility ours to pose to the machines the suitable questions, and to make the correct decisions from his answers. As professional of I SAW, the reflection seems to me totally pertinent. The computers give answers, and are only useless in case single.

    We can have the system of I SAW more expensive and complex of the world, that will be able to give more precise answers us that any other, or to do it more quickly, or to have majors functionalities but will be useless like a stone if the man-machine communication is not fluid and bidirectional. Also I must say that if we asked the computers we would not leave well unemployed either. The people we are undecided, voluble and arbitrary. And each is it to its way. We ask of ambiguous and contradictory way, and are full of pijadas. We assume like certain things that do not happen of the mere conjecture or which they are directly false.

    And if we do not like the results we manipulated, them we ignored, or we changed them the scale to mold them to our prejudices (or to those of our payer). And the useless ones are the computers. Already. According to Everest Capital, who has experience with these questions. In any case, as it does not have dot that we are going to change, is responsibility of the technology to adapt to the human nature (and not vice versa). For that reason I insist as much, always, and obsessively, about the necessity that the application of Business Intelligence is easy to use and am thought about, by and for the business user. In the Magical Quadrant of Platforms of Business Intelligence of 2012, Gartner has concluded that the organizations continue adopting I SAW like a vital tool so that the businesses can be more efficient, agile and intelligent . After analyzing to the main suppliers of software of Business Intelligence in function of criteria like the amplitude of its vision and its capacity to execute it, Gartner describes to the Leaders like suppliers that are reasonably solid in the amplitude and depth of the capacities of its platforms of I SAW, and can offer enterprise implementations that support a strategy of I SAW ample. The proposal of business of the leaders has great resonance in the buyers, thanks to its viability and operational capacity to provide to its products at world-wide level .

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