Check Robots

Most modern websites built using content management systems or, more simply, 'engines'. A key feature of such systems is that the pages of this site are dynamically created based on templates and information from the database. This approach provides a very flexible and convenient management of the site, but the site will contain various auxiliary files. For example, php scripts, configuration files, template files. These files are invisible to the average user (if it uses only the links posted on the site), but it can be indexed by search engines. Indexing of these files is not highly desirable, because they do not contain all no useful information (texts of articles, comments, etc.

are usually found in the database), and the traffic is consumed. The robots.txt file contains a set of rules that allow utilities to close any files on the web for indexing. Approach to the creation of such a file must be very careful, because You can easily hide the pages with useful content. In the first place you can look for a robots.txt file ready for your engine (for wordpress, I found pieces of 5 different files). After that, check that all the directories with all the service files denied access.

The next step is to check the syntax file. It is convenient to perform with the Yandex (). Now the main thing. We must verify that all pages our site available to robots. There is convenient to use the service Google webmasters tools (). To use it you have to create an account and confirm ownership of the site (you need to place a file with a special name in the root site). I advise you to read 'all the file robots.txt' and the article 'How do I check the file robots.txt'. That's it. Successful 'saitostroitel'stva'.

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Script Outputting Number

Simple, effective and easy to use script. In fact, to find out who is on site at the moment – impossible. But do not rush to close this article and a wide variety of swear words. There is a solution to this problem – to track who downloaded the pages for some time. This is what the script is engaged.

To identify a user uses his external / internal ip-address and data about the system. To start, create a file Fill in the name of the file online.php following content. Do not forget to read the comments: / / Number of minutes during which users are deemed to be 'online' $ time = 5, / / data area, the next line MUST pre-check = 0 ', FALSE); header (' Pragma: no-cache '); / / Defining internal and external ip-address $ ip 0 = $ _SERVER ' REMOTE_ADDR '; if (isset ($ _SERVER 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR')) $ ip 1 = $ _SERVER 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'; else $ ip 1 =''; / / get the data browser $ browser = $ _SERVER 'HTTP_USER_AGENT'; / / Get hash of the user data $ user = md5 ($ ip 0. $ ip 1. $ browser); / / fasten to the hash of the last for 5 minutes.

Time can be changed in the file online.php. Connecting the script to the page: To integrate the script into your web site uses java-script. To insert the number of users – add to your page in the right place the following code: B result – in this space will be inserted digit for the number of users you can use code like this: As a result – in this space will be inserted figure and the word "user .." with the right ending.

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Semantic Markup

Recently, often when describing the creation of a website mentions that using semantic markup. It is particularly a lot of new sites being developed with complete disregard of this approach that causes pain. So what is a semantic markup, and what advantages using it? For the layout of Web pages using HTML language or its more modern version, XHTML. The semantics of this language is determined by the semantic the value of his designs. For example, the h1 tag indicates the title of the highest level, and the tag li – a list item.

If all fit on the tag is used for the purposes for which they are intended, therefore, there is a semantic layout. For example, menu items are correctly represented in the form of list items and not – as a table row. If the markup elements are not being used as envisaged, then, the site does not apply semantic layout. The most common example of a derogation from the rules of semantic markup is a table layout, where the table tags are not for the formation of a regular table, but solely for the purposes of registration. So what are the advantages of semantic markup, and why it is recommended that you use it? First, the HTML code in the application of such a layout is more transparent and logical, it's easier to understand to any expert and, if necessary, change. Every developer knows what shall be used standard tags to HTML, but is not always possible to guess the appointment of any of the markup, if not used for semantic layout, and layout designer uses tags for other purposes. Of course, some developers are interested in sites that their child did not understand anybody, except them, but these would-be developers should not involve the creation of websites under any circumstances. Semantic markup is closely connected with the separation of data and presentation.

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Web Design

And here you are mature enough to order a website in search engines Porylis on your topic and found dozens of Web resources with a stylish design, content and decide. What web design create a personal site. Of course at first site design should be pleasing you. But not only. Design of the Internet has become actively grow the past few years, and has changed somewhat arbitrarily assigned to him from the styles of web 1.0, many well-known style of web 2.0 and close to the person and simple Web design web sites Web 3.0 style. Hard characteristics by which every resource possible to classify one of the categories do not exist, but still can be done. Most popular now be called a style web 2.0, about which there are many materials online and, if briefly on it, the resource in this fashion must be characterized by certain visual criteria and characteristics.

Let us dwell on them. – Take blocks, buttons, items design with smooth forms. – Use the blocks to the shadow a barely noticeable, but it is better in moderation. It is not necessary to attach all the objects of the resource type of volume, it would be better to leave most of the objects are three-dimensional. – Create a fill color forms of barely noticeable gradient of pastel colors or light gray tint with smooth transition to white. It looks nice and does not strain the user when viewing the information on this site. – The ideal type for comfortable perception and processing of large text elements can be called sans serif font.

Use the page no more than three different font sizes, and especially not smaller. In our time, is bad form to post small font, which may be read only by increasing the scale of the page. Use large text headlines and main text is not a bunch of total and dividing it visually into separate columns.

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Victor Kharkov

Q. You are a very interesting girl, do you may have problems to get acquainted with a man here in Ukraine? A. The fact of the matter is that the problems just to attract their attention does not arise. It is not difficult, all the men in the main guided by instinct, and any girl (as sadly) are perceived in the first place as a sexual object, moreover, by their nature they are polygamous, so that even "very accurate", as a rule, deviate from the rules. So that's not bad enough to look and not be quite so complete idiot – and the attention you provided.

Problems arise when one wants a man praised in the first place my inner contents, every woman wants to its appreciated, respected and seen as a person, not a mannequin with a beautiful hairdo, makeup, which look very nice friends and show no shame. Q. Why did you decide to join in an international agency Me? A. Most likely the result of disillusionment with the local men and hope that foreigners will be more serious, responsible, and caring. They have attitude to women is absolutely another possible cause of another culture, or maybe just because of a mindset. Or is it simply an attempt to make a reality of children's dream of a prince, who was sure to come from distant lands, showered with flowers, to lead in solar country and to love forever. Our on this can not. B. For solution you register with us as a surprise or a cautious and deliberate move? A.

CSS Semantics

Semantics The semantics of the css in the css implies a right, but rather use the name korektnoe classes. And also use the classes only when necessary. Use css classes to the case when there is no the tag css (X) HTML. Thoughtful, semantically korektno named classes and ID can help set up (X) HTML document for future change and the ability to store data in XML, which can be configured differently. Do not call object (id or class), so what it looks like or where it is used. Examples of class names and ID, which are not semantic: YellowText Blue14pxArial FloatRight LeftColumn MiddleColumn RightSideSpace Use of these names is meaningless, because who would not rule styles the site the future can change the styles described in this class that privedetk absurdity. For example: The developer for the text defined a class of yellow YellowText, and in the future when a site redesign, the text color changed from yellow to blue, resulting in we have a class with a certain YellowText blue.

That in itself is absurd. Therefore, when choosing the name class should not be guided by certain styles within a class, and class assignment. Examples of semantic class names and ID: Header Footer NavigationLocal NavigationGlobal Content Tools Warning Address Instructions Author Copyright Description Summary Do these names there is a certain level of abstraction. You can use these uncertain times and still have only one external description of the css. In this case you do not need to rewrite the class name if you decide to change the style. Editing styles, without changing the class name in css and (x) html document expresses the semantic content of the rock container without contaminating its information specific for only one context. One of the most important capabilities of css – change the style without changing the very (x) html document.

Use function names for their classes and ID; avoid names that describe the style, not funktsianalnost. Another important factor is the semantic css that use classes and ID is not always necessary. If every paragraph on the page will have the same style, it is not needed for each section, add a class with a description of the style enough to register for the entire section on the page. The main conclusions of this article: Classes and IDs (ID) should be used only when there is a need. Name classes and IDs (ID) should describe the functionality rather than style uses an identifier (ID) in those cases when it is necessary to define a unique style for a page, and the class – when you need a class ispolvat several times on a page.

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Hardcore Classmates

After earning a request 'dating', any known search engine will unspeakable number of options. How, then, choose a product really deserves attention? To facilitate the task, we make some classification of dating sites on different grounds. The first – the strategy of the site. Is it explicitly or implicitly dating site. And of those, and those – millions. For example, a well-known leaders of the Hardcore Classmates and VKontakte are likely to indirectly dating sites, because dating romance is not their main purpose.

These products are designed to find lost friends, classmates or colleagues. With these objectives of the network to cope giants 'in fine'. Scope of romantic dating them is present, although somewhat limited. If your goal – find a life partner, should apply it to straight dating sites orientation. They are usually filled with questionnaires that describe you as a person, revealing the character. For similar profiles by searching for your chosen one. Here we also see a lot of variations with pay and Free, local and international.

Among the leaders you'll ever need in this area can be called Loveplanet and A huge number of Russian-speaking boys and girls want to meet for a romantic relationship. Also on the site there is entertainment and other useful information. Among the international online dating sites it is worth noting International love. The site has a nice and intuitive interface, block entertainment, weather widgets, horoscopes, jokes, etc. The site multi-lingual – available in several languages, also has on-line translator. This makes it possible to register and communicate online International love users from around the world. And most importantly – International love site is completely free, in Unlike other international dating site! Hopefully this short article you will facilitate the search of the second half of the sphere of life, under the name Internet.

Help Students And Applicants

Control of work for part-time students in order for physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, theoretical mechanics, electrical engineering, foreign languages, engineering graphics, descriptive geometry, assembly drawings, detailing all HEIs (BNTU, BSUIR, BGATU, BSTU, CAI, MGUP, MSHRC, VGKS …) with a guarantee and accompaniment to the full test. Crib notes, lectures, reshebniki, GDZ, Manuals on the site are free for download Detailed problem solving tests in physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, from the collections of Herod, Trofimova, Saveliev, Devil, Volkenstein, Kuznetsova, Ryabushko, Demidovich; control works with the assurance and consulting on them; recommend and find manuals on the desired topic (BSUIR, National Technical University, BGATU, BSTU, BSEU BelGUT, MogUP, CAI, GrGU, Barg and other Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian HEIs) to download large notes and small (Spurs) books, formulas, Manuals, tests, textbooks, prepare for a successful exam, centralized testing (CT, CT) as soon as possible on the individual program Assistance in the control work, solution of problems with warranty, for details read for students (National Technical University, BSUIR, BSTU, BGATU, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, BelGUT, CAI, MGUP, IILSR, MIM, IISS, HIS VGKS, MSHRC and other Russian and Belarusian universities); consultation. Experienced teacher. In there is all the Manuals and user-friendly order form over the phone; record books to prepare for the exam on the disc for free. Additional information on 1. Supervisor is defined as a rule to the last digit cipher record- student book, and the corresponding sets of tasks are selected from the tables in the training manual. 2. Test papers are sent for review in accordance with the timetable for their implementation.

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Internet Bamboo

Raw material from which made bathing things, in particular, bamboo towels or towels , misc. One of the good stuff is bamboo. The fibers are made from the pulp of this extraordinary tropical plants. Terry bathrobes bamboo products draws water in greater amounts than cotton. Also there is a towel with a mixed view: bamboo cotton towels. Bathrobe buy and buy terry towels made of bamboo on the Internet shop in our time to make it easier than ever before. Responsible timely delivery of goods in general does not burden the customer.

Another very nice feature bamboo fibers – is bactericidal quality. In fiber bath Bamboo products are not counted nonbiological antibacterial fiber. Even after pyatitedesyati washings products retain antibacterial qualities. But the laundry, of course, be preferable to do at about 30-40 grudusah water to the original characteristics and tenderness of the material preserved in most long time. Bamboo grows in tropical and characterized by an unusually brisk growth in comparison with other plants. During the day, it can grow to 120 cm bamboo used in construction as a forest, and perhaps in another way, as well as the production of woven products, the production means to tidy and domestic economy, etc.

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Select Hot Tours

Chiptrip or a cheap trip, which we usually call the 'last-minute things to do' or 'last minute' is pretty great popularity in our time. Fans of this movement strongly oppose this kind of leisure burning tours and somewhere you can agree with them. Organize your vacation abroad independently, to resolve the issue with a visa to get on the chaise to the boundary with the proposed country of travel by bus to get to the scheduled vacation, spending all this small money. For young people it is certainly a romance, but for people more respectable, family kind voyage will be very tiring. Agencies involved in chiptripami ordinary offer tours for tour operators, which have become, for many reasons 'burning'. This does not mean that the latest offerings at a price significantly inferior to normal, some flawed, of course not, this is quite normal normal package tours. Quite possible for a tourist caught chiptrip will fly on holiday to other holidaymakers, who purchased the same can not be distinguished tour, but several times more expensive. Here let us and we will understand how it all Yet they do these 'latest offerings.

" All the major tour operators are always planning their season – book a certain number of seats on each flight, book and pay for hotel rooms. The purpose of such actions of course further profit. But in this case, there are certain limits in which they are the same and put themselves, namely the need to sell these things to do at all costs, because otherwise the costs incurred do not return. AND here in advance of the tour is a few days, usually three to five, but not all permits are sold. The tour operator of course realize that if we do not take certain measures, the losses are inevitable. That was then, and there are last-minute vouchers, so we love. This relaxation may not have to use only at the price of air flight, and it could cost $ 50, that the truth is very rare.

Of course, on the date prior to any holidays (New Year, May 1, etc.) tours sold out in advance and good prices for the operator and the last minute to buy them almost impossible. But fans of the hot still need to think about it, and whether you want to go to chiptrip club, as they do not consultation over the phone and not have their own search engine on the sites, stand in line, wasting precious time, and just to for a limited amount of time to make your choice and get round this manner pig in a poke. Is not it easier to apply to a good travel agency with experienced professional managers to pick up tour, leaving the necessary advance payment in case of occurrence of this 'burning of the tour' and then you really envy the friends and companions. Do right and informed choice of the rest!

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