The Meeting

Well, what do most people who are not so available to such luxury manifestation of their feelings, iromanticheskoe date is limited financial resources? With the onset of the crisis has become increasingly noticeable trend of loss of interest on the part of the male half of acquaintances for serious relations. Some have moved permanently to sites where Actually these are not looking for the most singles for a serious relationship, but just flirt in varying degrees of frankness, or find a vest, which in case you can cry about or help compensate for this dating lack of communication in real life, without claims and liabilities. And there's as given, suddenly some men long for affection unpretentious young woman agrees to a romantic date in an economy version, smoothly turning into a deeper acquaintance. The problem to arrange an unforgettable romantic date without the high costs inherent in fairly straightforward approach of most men on this issue. Many people somehow seem to that in order to make the right impression on the girl, be sure to vbuhali a lot of money, and then still no guarantee that she will reciprocate. It turns out that in a state of financial uncertainty no one wants to invest in an event with high degree of risk to be rejected at the stage start-ups. Therefore, all confined to a banal kofepitiem or walk in the park with ice cream. As you noticed, too, women do not mind such a scenario, because they realize that in most cases, the meeting through dating sites do not necessarily have to be for a serious relationship.

COP Work

To detect these violations should be applied to compare the instruments in the form of COP-2 prices, indices, values of overhead and profit from their estimates normative values, test the validity of other costs, to control the instrumental measurements of the physical volume of work. When using individual unit prices to be checked validity of their application and scope of work included in these prices. Not allowed unauthorized inclusion in unit prices of the coefficients, increasing rates of consumption of material resources due to inconvenience, complexity and urgency of the work. The procedure of raising factors to the estimated regulated standards in the technical part of the collection corresponding unit prices. The most detailed verification subject acts on Form CF-2, when the construction contracts signed without tenders in the prescribed manner, and in the absence of expert opinion on the construction documents. From acts to form the COP-2 is necessary to without recourse to exclude: – increasing the odds for the reconstruction – the cost of works to address the marriage – the contractor expenses, including taxes and fees attributable to the financial results of the (property taxes, formation and maintenance of housing, cost of infrastructure development contractor, etc.) – the costs associated with predmontazhnymi work – the amount of work not covered by the design-budget documentation. In addition, the regulations in the form of COP-2 in the form of certain costs not be paid to the contractor costs associated with: – The contents of the fire patrol and protection (including non-departmental provided by bodies of internal affairs) – holding surveying during operations; – beautification of the site (cleaning and clearing debris) – training facility for commissioning (washing floors and windows, the cost of detergents, cleaning and removal debris after construction) – the compulsory insurance of property in the means of production – the use of loans and advances to non-construction of the facility; – advertising.

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Recruiting Agency Jobs

Whom to entrust the selection of personnel? How to choose a recruitment agency? By what criteria to estimate it, so as not to be mistaken? Here are the concerns of all employers who have decided to entrust the most precious thing – the selection of key personnel – recruiting agencies. Business Development shows that in every market, sooner or later need a single, independent Internet portal, the main industrial site. The site, which will accumulate all the information about the players and the services market and provide independent information to help their clients. In the financial market, for example, it, the insurance –, the real estate market – etc. Even the food industry of Ukraine has its own branch Portal: …

And only the market staff recruitment agencies has hitherto been observed only two types of sites: 1) the so-called boards job boards such as and 2) websites, business cards recruitment agencies. And this despite the fact that Ukraine has More than three hundred employment agencies. Until now, the head of any company, decided to use the services of recruitment, had to see a lot of sites, bit by bit by gathering information about a particular agency. A recruiter who wants to improve their skills, learn about the latest trends in the recruitment market, the relevant seminars and conferences, had to spend working or personal time to ensure that shoveled piles useless information to find exactly what is needed and important. For many years in the recruiting market of Ukraine did not have a unified portal.

Now it is. In August, launched, first online directory and guide to market recruiting services in Ukraine. Here is all you need to personnel officers and their clients can easily find each other, all in order to facilitate their choice. What do I need regular employer to choose a recruitment agency? Quite a bit: a convenient and, most importantly – a complete guide of all market players, information about several of the performer for comparison, ratings, reviews and opinions from others. And you can place the information about your order and issue a tender. What do you need the recruiting agency to find him more potential customers? At the very least – give them a chance to find yourself to be present in the most important directories and references … Members noted the main differences between the new project from other job-sites: for the first time "under one roof," assembled the most complete directory really all recruitment agencies in Ukraine. For the first time customers can leave comments on the work of agencies. For the first time the company may announce tenders for the selection of personnel. For the first time the agency can provide detail not only himself, as a company, but also to present its managers and employees in Under the Community recruiters. For the first time can present their services to recruiters, freelancers. And there's more "useful" for agencies and their clients. There is no doubt that – the first truly industrial site, which has long was needed in the market for recruitment services. In the near future it will become the main trading platform for all players in this market.

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Functional Targeting

There are the following sectors: – the primary sector – activities associated with obtaining primary resources (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining); – a secondary sector – industry manufacturing industries (machinery, light industry, construction) – tertiary sector – services (trade, education, medicine) – the quaternary sector – financial and legal services information services, business services, which are the factors of production for the rest of the economy – quinary sector – services for people requiring a particularly high level of staff (Education, medicine, medical care). Currently, there is a complication of social life and production processes, which is accompanied by the further specialization of activity. Complication economic life corresponds to the increasing specialization of urban areas (for both systems of cities, and within the city itself). Stand out the most prestigious and provide the highest percentage revenue (in per unit area of urban land) activities related primarily to the Quaternary sector and related services to its staff in the most prestigious type of service. Such activities are widely cover the major cities, and in those cities – the central zone or generate a compact prestigious area in the suburbs. Traditional forms of production of secondary and tertiary sectors, aimed at extensive land use (industrial plants, warehouses) are discarded in the city a "second tier" or in the distant suburbs of mega-cities.

There is a tendency dezindustrializatsii which causes a change functional orientation of the cities and the distribution of specialties in the labor market. This process causes the flow of migration, problems of re-education, the problems associated with unemployment. Thus, there is interest in determining the long-term functional profile of the city. City-forming industries – industries whose products are able to attract to the city of cash flow, commodity flow corresponding to the product coming from the enterprises in the city to other cities ("export industries"). Gradoobsluzhivayuschie industries – industries that provide the normal functioning of city-forming industries over the needs of the enterprises themselves, and their employees. Currently, the development of mega-cities are the most important sector Quaternary sector in most cities of Russia – the secondary.

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Nikolai Koshman

Under the agency contract one party (the agent) undertakes to perform for compensation on behalf of another party (the principal) legal and other actions on their behalf, but at the expense of the principal, or on behalf of and at the expense of the principal (Art. 1005 Civil Code). When transferring the land to the ownership of a contract for the sale, the buyer assumes the transfer (the developer) to the local budget the sum of money equivalent to the value of the land, specified in the contract. When making a lease contract developer (lessee) obtains the land for temporary possession and use, and shall pay to the local budget rent in the manner prescribed by the contract. VK: For developers provide tax benefits, deferral of land tax? EK: According to Vladimir Ponomarev, vice president of RSA, * the cost of building materials in the country declined by about 40%, while prices for land fell by 15-20%.

In this regard, he made the assumption that the cost of housing construction in 2009 could be reduced by approximately 20-25%. In turn, the president of RSA, Nikolai Koshman noted that at present the average construction cost per square meter ranges from 1.5 to 2 thousand dollars. Nikolai Koshman suggested that in these circumstances for developers who build social housing, it would be appropriate to provide tax relief and deferral of land tax by up to three years, but so far these benefits have not yet appeared. VK: Is it possible to "freeze" social projects, financed by the state agencies? EK: Absolutely.

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Economic Situation

Negative impact on the economic situation has, and low saving rate ** in the U.S. was only 0.4%, which is the lowest in the world (for comparison: in the UK – 2,9%, in Japan – 3.1% in Italy – 6,8%, Germany – 10,9%, France – 12.7%, China – 24%, while in India – 28%). Household spending, which in the past 15 years, steadily increasing and in 2007 reached 9.7 trillion dollars (70% of U.S. GDP) in the third quarter of 2008, suffered the largest drop since 1980 year. Evaluating all the above, we can conclude that the U.S. is gradually losing the role of locomotive of world economy and has come finest hour in Europe and the single European currency, which was put into circulation in 1999 What now happening with the economy the major European countries? Europe also had a recession since the pace of eurozone economic growth could not but affect the stagnation of the U.S.

economy, which is the world's largest consumer of goods and services, and lack of liquidity. Purchasing power of populations in most EU countries has been steadily falling, a decline in consumer activity causes serious harm to both the service and financial sector, becoming an additional obstacle to European economies. According to economists, the IMF, the direct losses of the banking system of Europe from the financial crisis was 123 billion dollars "We believe that the loss of large European banks on derivatives will be comparable with losses of U.S. banks ", – said Neven Mates.

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Wine Choice

Also today, the majority of visitors restaurants are getting better and better informed in regard to wines. However, the choice of men in favor of a beverage is largely depends on each situation. For example, a man who came into the restaurant with a lady, most likely will order the wine, and it is likely that it will semisweet or sweet. But in the company of friends rather give up man preference for port wine, brandy and whiskey. If you take other addictions, it may be noted that many men are real sweet tooth so, restaurateurs say that representatives of the "stronger sex" is often chosen, and ice cream, and fruit desserts. It is well known that the choice of the buyer or guest shop restaurant in most cases has a significant impact and then how it is staffed.

Unprofessional or uneducated seller The waiter can make it so that people do not just leave without buying, but also fundamentally change their preferences in the unfavorable direction. In particularly difficult cases, it can not only never to return to this institution, but does give the product in relation to which it was originally set up as positive. Please also provide the buyer may be if the detailed information on the requested product, combining it with sincerity and good will to communicate. In the matter of "how to please the customer-man task restaurateurs a bit more complicated than that of consultants in the store. Indeed, the very essence of the restaurant means more prolonged contact between guests and staff facilities, kitchens and no dignity does not fix the waiter or maitre d 'promashek. It is important to the ability of staff to allow a variety of sensitive situations. For example, a visitor came to a lady and gives her the right to choice of wine for dinner, the lady also ordered a very expensive wine. Here the problem sommelier or waiter – very gently and tactfully to find out how it corresponds to the choice of financial plans master, and, if necessary, gently recommend another wine. The task of the head of the restaurant – so organize the work of staff, to teach him to make recommendations and answer questions, so that the guest was sure that he did choice, ordered wine and food, and told them about his lady. In short, the main thing – to show the guest the maximum sensitivity and respect. Source: Rosemary

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Green Card: How Not To Get Scammers

Despite the fact that the World Wide Web there is sufficient information about the rules of participation in the annual Green Card Lottery for the right to obtain a residence permit in the U.S., do not cease to appear more and more victims of fraud. The fact is that today the Internet has many sites decorated a la the U.S. State Department, offering assistance in obtaining the Green Card lottery. That's why, and asked some questions like, 'Online Green Card says that applications are accepted year-round and even a couple of years ahead. But I read somewhere that this lottery is held in the autumn. Who is right? " Or this: "Yesterday I was called out of Mission Green Card and asked to pay for the registration for the lottery. It turns out that it is not free? " And finally: 'I'm an e-mail came a letter with a message about winning the lottery Green Card. It also notes the need to transfer to such a hefty expense.

" To further avoid the frustrations and financial losses, it should be hack to death himself in the bow are three basic rules. First – there is no official offices, representative offices or centers of Green Card. There is only one U.S. government website, through which (so much sure) can go to the lottery site (which also exists in the singular). The second rule – registration is completely free. Third, the organizers of the Green Card is never associated with applicants by e- mail or over the phone and notify winners by mail. How do scammers operate, and why people continue to fall for their bait.

Although scammers are divided into explicit 'throw' and those who use honest about options for weaning the citizens of their money. There are several main activities of these firms. The first is that the company does offer a completely free to apply for the lottery.

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In the morning I go to the market, purchasing products and disposable utensils. Then return home and start cooking. At this time, I receive calls, I give information about the menu and accept from people already specific orders – how much and what kind of food in a particular organization. In practice, it looks like. On the evening before I plan to menu, make roughly estimate. Usually I have in stock two kinds of main dishes and salads. I'm currently so serves about 40-50 people.

The number may change, plus – minus. I especially want to draw the attention of women. How we spend time at the stove free of charge, preparing delicacies for her family. This option can be combined, and thus at the same time you'll be doing the usual daily work on the preparation food for households with earning money, and quite decent money for housewives and without any knowledge as to become an entrepreneur. With so many people and served at these time costs of my net earnings on average of 500-600 rubles per day, per month it turns out, taking into account only the working days, about 12 thousand. Dear readers, if the kitchen is not causing your aversion, if you like and know how to cook, this option you could very well be the best solution or even an additional basic earnings. How long it takes me to this time? Much less than you might think at first glance.

Direct the preparation, ie cutting, hot processing, packaging and other trifles, takes 3 hours of pure time. It's a given that some work can be done in advance in the evening without paying a single specially allotted time, and do in parallel, so to speak – on the road. This can be otvarka potatoes, beets and other vegetables. You can also cook at night and some hot dishes – goulash, half-finished billet chops, etc. I note that the presence of I own the machine is not a prerequisite for employment in this business. Here's why. Once I drove the car, searched it for very long, for months. When found, it turned out it in a broken condition, which is Repair took another couple of months. But even in this 'horseless' time, I did not stop working. I agreed with his friend, who had a personal Lada, at the time of joint activities. I paid him 150 rubles per day for that it helped me to deliver meals. And while I still remained in the profits, well, a little smaller. He too was pleased, since at that time had no work and earnings that proved to be a good help. Although, if you take service a little more than people initially, then it will be covered transportation costs and profits will still be the same. Oh, I almost forgot, when I at one time had a lot of customers, they would not like to refuse, I hired myself assistant for 3 hours a day for such work as cleaning and slicing potatoes. Paid her $ 100 a day. And anyway, I received the net profit was high enough.

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Social Insurance Fund

When a beginner entrepreneur comes to a decision to register a company, he usually faced with the question of how the same organizational form to choose. The main forms of business activity are: a limited liability company, joint-stock company, joint stock company and the individual entrepreneur without a legal entity. The most common reference for small businesses are LLC and IP, since it does not involve the issue of shares, their discovery due to the low cost of registration and are the most protected from raider attacks. At first glance, it appears that these forms very similar, but they are significantly otchayutsya from each other. Initially, the legal form in the form of IP assumes sole and collective LLC doing business. Although the law and are allowed to use work workers, but their employment involves registration of businessman, within 30 days of the RF Pension Fund and Medical Benefits Fund, as well as within 10 days of the Social Insurance Fund, as an employer. Naturally, the IP registration can be made for one person only and if the founders want to be a few people, this form of incorporation will not work.

Ltd. is focused on employing workers, registering entity is a prerequisite for appointment of Director-General, who needs to pay salaries. Director, after registration and entry into office, may hire employees. Individual entrepreneur as an individual, can not have their own printing and a bank account, because all the money he earns from its activities, net of tax and pension fund of the Russian Federation, are his property and, therefore, it meets all of its assets to liabilities. Ltd. is solely responsible for its obligations to all its property, but, unlike IP, it Parties shall not be liable for the obligations of the Company. Since the founders of the company shall not be liable, then the Company greater demands, compared with PI control of funds and property, is accounting accounting-cash transactions. Mandatory conditions of functioning of society are the presence of the press and a bank account.

PI manages the profit it wants, but the founders of the company are entitled to receive dividends only once a quarter, and they will have to pay a tax of 9%. IP is easy to open and as easy to liquidate, to register only need a completed application, passport copy and receipt registration fee. For self-registration LLC founders have to prepare the charter, to share capital, to prepare minutes of the general assembly of founders and other documents. Company may open branches, to be sold, to be part of another organization, click on the inheritance, and PIs of this can be and with the cessation of its business activities and ceases to exist. What organizational form to choose – you decide, we hope that This article has been helpful.

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