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    A discernment spiritual given for the proper God. It was instantaneously. Not! I had a mstica experience with Jesus and of it I do not open hand. It was a touch of the Light of God in my spirit. An instantaneous illumination that in very strong way became LIGHT in my spirit giving to me agreement. I do not have as to explain, therefore I was not searching this, simply I happened. All the previous beliefs, had instantaneously fallen for land.

    Liars had become. How she was this possible one? She did not have nobody in house. I was alone. Nobody never had said me on the Plan of Salvation. I did not know no believer and nor wise person in depth what this meant.

    My world, my life, does not matter where country was and already it stows in many, it was in the way of cultured, intelligent, studious people, experts of mysteries, pertaining the great fraternities and private societies as the Rosacruz Order and the Teosfica Society. To the 21 years I already was giving my first lecture in the Teosfica Society, whose subject was: Clinical Parapsicologia. If vocs they knew the meaning of this, as today I only know, would not oppose my experience. The theologians allege who God does not make person meaning and that It would not choose ones to have with It an experience and others not. How you explain, then, the experience of Pablo who beyond seeing the LIGHT, heard the voice and was blind? Acts 9:3 – 5 Aconteceu this with several others? It would be it only it converted and the others? Not? Not! Nothing of this. This was the experience of Pablo, not having the others nothing to see with this. Each one lives its experience of conversion according to will of God. To fall of the horse and to see the light, are not general rule of conversion.

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