Probiotic Or Probiotic Preparations

    Accurate look worth for owners and breeders of pet animals is possible this but only if you know to distinguish the available food supplements with non-specific probiotic composition of real, State-approved and effective Lactobacilli medicines. Filed under: Consumers Energy CEO. Probiotics, as we know it, contain micro-organisms, not but as a food supplement for the targeted treatment of a disease only”are suitable for consumption. On the market, products that include a wide variety of microorganisms can be found now. These are micro-organisms such as yeasts, enterococci, Pediococcus, but also Lactobacilli. The labelling of these products leaves often many questions for the user. “Advertising and reality the term Lactobacilli” commonly, hence is probably now almost everyone is party vigorously stirred the drum in this direction. At closer look or appropriate test their products but even no Lactobacilli, but others contain Micro-organisms such as enterococci, Pediococcus, etc.

    In case of doubt I advise you to show a certificate of the corresponding batch can be. A proper certificate, created by a licensed laboratory, says not only something about the existing microorganism strains of probiotics, but reveals much more, for example, the actual number of probiotics germs (expressed in cfu, so colony-forming units per gram) as well as any contamination of the product with harmful germs. Another point: Unfortunately not every specimen is brought approval in accordance with in the trade. Therefore, it is important to know: Probiotics may be applied only for those animals for which they are officially approved. A call for entries for other target species, which are not mentioned in the approval or that are not covered, is not granted and therefore legally punishable. Now for 15 years on a scientific level, I myself am 15 years basic research with probiotics. At the beginning of the question for me was: what Are micro-organisms best suited for a specific use in the animal field? Yeasts didn’t for me due to the products of their metabolism and their difficult controllability in the small intestine in question.

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