Best not to be ud cheated (o) is trying to know the person, not by the pile of photos you have on your friends profile, com. Try to do this also by the web sites of the company in which It works. If he tells you that he works in an industry, Bank, owned by a company, will be very easy to locate it resorting to the company’s web site, writing down the phone and calling this to ask if it works there. Another friend that is met in the same way with a gentleman who said working in a country club, communicate with the administration of this and told him that knew no such Lord. It is not bad, find friends online, I have known many other countries that are a few Knights, a few ladies, very correct and respectable professionals and excitosos.

    Be representative of an entity that works in University graduate programs, give me this great opportunity and linda experience serve to Spaniards, Argentines, Colombians, Panamanians, and people of my country. Internet has given me many satisfactions, but I suggest to the Knights and ladies, who are looking for their other half by these means, verify the information personal friend, friend, and understand that when there are lies of through, there will always be excuses for everything, and behind them a bad person. People should always tell the truth, if you say be microentrepreneurs, insurance that you will have a website, if you say you’re safe engineer to have graduated from any University, if you say you’re doctor worked in some hospital, if you say you’re military to some perteneceras institution. Do not leave that they cheat, they make fun of their feelings, they play with EA Don’t be fooled with a variety of photos, check what the other person says of herself. Make sure that your friend, friend, to be transparent with their data. Not too much, illusions that may have surprises along the way.

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