The Favour if made Meat to save the Jews, however unhappyly its people did not recognize as Salvador, did not see in Christ MESSIAS augured for the proper God, in the book of Gnesis 3:15, and in the prophecies of the Lesser Prophets Biggest and in the Salmos, that is, all the writing of the Old Will pointed with respect to redentora workmanship of Christ in the Cross of the calvrio to save its people. Carrying we can conclude that the Evangelho de Christ is manifest Favour of GOD to the man, therefore the same did not obtain safe for the law. However we can open a parenthesis and to remember that the Holy Writs in the Old Pact already pointed with respect to salvation for the faith, when we read the first book of the sacred Holy Writs, we see the history of the Patriarchs: Noah, Abrao, Isaque, Jac, Jose, Moises and Joshua etc., Who had been justified by the faith and not for the Law, we can see veracity of this affirmation in the Book of Hebrews in the New Will, when Espirito Santo, espirando the editor when writing it I capitulate 11 that this affirmation of the author is called the gallery of the Heroes of the faith of the Old Testamento.. .

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