' ' The type of vegetation, (original and planted) ' ' in the open landscapes that enclose an extensive panorama, it acts as ' ' vestidura' ' of the topography and it can represent the main element for the next vises that if have when it is entered and it circulated (…). ' ' The climate (perceivable atmospheric situations) (…), ' ' it serves to know where time of the year and the one that hour of the day each landscape finds its fullness aesthetic. On the other hand, the climate can change the aspect of a landscape, until making to lose it its qualities, as it occurs with the fog or clouds, (…). ' ' (…) the knowledge of the habitat (effect of the action of the man and conditions of habitability of the bitico world) ' ' it is necessary because, thanks to it, the information will be become rich and shown, on the other hand, the forms of life of each place and its effect on the nature and, for another one, ecological conditions required by the wild species and plants autctones for its existncia' '. The properties of the landscape, also in Boullon (2002, p.129 and 130) contain the item: diversity, repetition, unit and change. Diversity ' ' that it depends on the amount of components, visually you differentiated of the diverse points of view of which if it can contemplate a landscape. The analysis of the diversity is one of the basic pointers to define the passages and the mirantes of one paisagem.' ' Repetition ' ' that it indicates the reiterated presence of a form or natural reason in such degree that they arrive to dominate cena.' ' Unit ' ' that it is mentioned to the visual balance of the components of a scene. The unit of a landscape is one of the values of the nature that more make it difficult its reading to the people not trained in the captation of diversidade.' ' Change ' ' it makes function the shades that one same landscape acquires as the hours of the day and the days of ano.' ' Verifying the types of Boullon landscape (2002, p.130) it classifies in homogeneous and heterogeneous, therefore the homogeneous landscapes are the ones that, as plains or sea, are integrated by very few elements and present the advantage of that its reading is simple, but also the double inconvenience of that it is very difficult to differentiate them and to recognize them and that, for its monotony, makes with that the common tourist who remains long time in them finishes for if entediar.

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