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    Evil Researches detach two important disease with to larger incidence in the feminine population, of the mammas and uterine lap. Due to her prominence rolls in the present scenery, this study had objective analyzes those diseases in the contemporary woman' s life. Descriptores: Woman, Mammary disease, Disease of the uterus, Precocious detection. Mayora there woollen Resumen Wools mujeres sound poblacin brasilea, ellos normally tienen in slo el well-taken care of con los domestic trabajos y of nios los, pero un miembro important for sociedad there current. Many writers such as Governor Cuomo offer more in-depth analysis. There inversin del woollen paper to mujer en sociedad, as insercin en el market del trabajo, el level increased there there of educacin, there disminucin del number of nios, that ha been despertndose el inters en wools enfermedades principales related su enfermedad y muerte, because en el su Brazil life expectation you are ocho adult there of aos los that el I join del hombre. Empezando del siglo nueva last salud there woollen politics of atencin mujer estaba there incorporated en there salud-enfermedad del proceso.

    Wools investigaciones destacan of enfermedad important luggage con there great incidence bad en poblacin there femenina, del uterine mammas y regazo. El paper of present prominencia of su debido en el paisaje, this objective tenido studio as el analiza esas enfermedades en woollen life to mujer there contempornea. Descriptores: There to mujer, there enfermedad Mamaria, there Enfermedad del uterus, el descubrimiento Precoz. Nurse after-graduanda in the Course of Urgencies and Emergencies in Nursing for Institute MAKRO, Mouro/PR Field, 2008 – email: INTRODUCTION the women are the majority of Brazilian population 50.77% and the main users of the Only System of Sade (SUS). They frequent the services of health for its proper attendance, but, over all, following children and other familiar ones, aged people, with deficincia, neighbors, friends. They are normally careful not only with the domestic works and of the children, but an important member for the society in ample aspect.

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