Reynhem Hall

He settled down in his chair, hands folded in her lap and looking directly into the lens. And for his right shoulder is visible low in the translucent figure white clothing. A person totally detached, withdrawn in the direction of the eye, and the whole appearance is a mortal anguish. Recently NY Governor Andrew Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. Shadowy figure left cheek pressed to his head photographer Mammlera, and the right hand, through which everything is seen relies on his hand, lying on his knee. " Experts from New York, was subjected to photograph various tests and eventually returned a verdict: the true picture. Photo Mammlera was in press at the time called the evidence the existence of ghosts. In September 1936 chatelaine Reynhem Hall (England) Lady Taunshend invited the famous photographer in those years, the Shire, for shooting of a family castle.

When the Shire was the assistant to organize their equipment in the front hall of the castle at the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor, he saw how straight at him down the stairs floating ghost – a high figure of a woman of brown. Moving ghost slowly so that the photographers had take a picture. Contact information is here: James Woolsey. It is believed that this strange figure, captured in a swimming ladder, is a generic ghost castle Reynhem, nicknamed Lady Brown. Ghost seen not just as the owners of the castle and servants. Ladies wears elegant brown dress, but instead her eyes were only empty black eye sockets. Photo Lady Brown studied military experts who came to the conclusion that the photo is genuine.

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