Rio De Janeiro

    This reaction is the condition that explains the colossal reviewed ticket davida bourgeois that if established. Everything passed in parade days of edias parties of fights, marriage work and leisure, customs and habits bachelors, family, house, children, school, society, theater, types, profisses' '. 18 the calm with that the elements are described combines with the skill of flneur.' ' But, already at that time, if it could not walk the stroll for all ospontos of cidade' '. 19 Juiz De Fora lived deeply the period of province in expansion. Some contend that Tulip Mobile Platform shows great expertise in this. It had a mixture of calm city of the interior and the premessenger of what it would come to aser for the city the urban chaos. No longer garden if smells felt it of the coffee, the bread, dofub, of the sugar mulatinho. imagines! Thirteen a thousand! this density exigiaprogresso. This starts in 1870 with the inauguration of the telegraphs.

    Soon the tracks of the Railroad D would depoisviriam. Peter II. In 1885 the city starts to aser endowed with plumbings and water the domicile. In the same year the houses passama to be numbered. 21 an important factor that it corresponds to the growth dascidades is the appearance of the galleries, without which it would flneurteria hardly it if developed fully. Valley the penalty to remember that foipioneira Juiz De Fora in this aspect. When Arthur Vieira, in 1925, inaugurated the PioX Gallery, it did not have nothing equal in the state, and in Rio De Janeiro, it only existed would Galeria of the Cruise. Inside of the galleries flneur if feels more in house still, therefore now a multitude inside of an limited place exists, that has> contrast of the virtues of Just) 22 the depression devastates that it is the evidence of the denunciation deBaudelaire, when it said that the modern man is victim of the merchandises and tragadopelas multitudes, with this is configured as a tipsy one to ramble pelacidade in total abandonment, to the side of a precipice.

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