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    Corruption – the use of their official authority and trusted him right in order to meet their interests are contrary to law and morality. In one site I read how people responded residing in the Russian Federation on the question: 'When were the corruption in Russia? "a) Corruption has always been 79%, and b) have appeared only recently, 16% c) More difficult to answer. In my understanding of corruption emerged since then when there were money. And I think corruption has increased to the present day and increased it big. To date, I do not know such a profession or public works where there is no corruption. Particularly corruption develops in such professions or in public works such as police, customs, law enforcement agencies, senior government authorities, courts, prosecutors, hospitals, and any educational institutions.

    And yet, as corruption originates and why people give in corruption? For example, corruption arises because of penalties. how? When traffic police stopped the car for violating the rules of driving, and prescribe a penalty, while some people are trying to negotiate. And on State of the salary is not big. And here it bribery, but bribery is corruption (corruption in the translation from Latin means "bribe"). And now think how many times bribery happens in the day. In second place – it certainly any educational institution, for example, the University, any student who wants to get a good grade, but not teach hunting.

    And now he makes money, and the teacher puts the appropriate assessment. And I think it is: First of course depends on the person Secondly and mainly on wages, if there is a corresponding salary, then at what risk. Third least best place to work. If the corruption around and all take bribes, then of course the man who came to the specific position must be strong not to take bribes and did not get into corruption. There are three main reasons why people take bribes. But I will say one thing while there is money and corruption, but of course with it needs to fight that as something to reduce it. And so we realized that by "corruption" refers to bribery of officials, as well as their corruption and venality. The Professional Code and there is a special article, which did called "bribery".

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