They are not lies. These hopes are supported in the promises of God written in the Bible. Given bigger emphasis they. The way de a Cruz as instrument of Sanctification is not so evident in the pregaes for the mentioned reasons already. While the believer loads its cross its eyes fascinate the victory by means of the faith in Jesus. The important one in the pregaes is to raise the fallen man, giving to it to the hope maximum, increasing to it faith. It cannot come back toward sad and abated house, of the same skill that arrived.

    It has that to leave transformed, for the touch of set free love for the Word in the pregao of the shepherd. Jesus is love. When hearing the Word the necessary believer to leave the cult with the full, full spirit. Fed and Happy. Let us not be hard, cruel in ours to seem. Perhaps you do not make idea as certain people suffer at the hands of the devil until arriving the Jesus. While they resist the call, the devil fights violently to destroy its lives. The time goes passing and only after the almost complete destruction of its lives obtains to hear Its voice.

    We suffer because we resist its call. Quanta pain! How much suffering! How many losses! It is a true slaughter. One holocausto. The conversion can be to the times a brutal experience, says without exaggerates. Costuma to say in the evanglico arraial that those that the Jesus for love does not deliver itself, will have that to deliver itself for pain. Exactly resisting its voice, It he insists. Because It wants in them. He insists let us know where It. It chose to show we to it, wants or not. This is the manifestation of its love. It loved in them first. Blind people of the skill who we were as we could choose it as Way? We did not have no condition, therefore we were in deep blackout, spiritual deceased, separate of God. When It only opens in them the eyes are that we are vivified. We gain life terrena and in the Day of the Judgment we will gain the life perpetual.

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