The tools that are used in a process of formal coaching can also learn and internalized in what is known as a process of self-coaching. A self-coaching process maximizes the self-knowledge to learn how to analyse skills, experiences, strengths and areas of improvement. This process of self-coaching provides vital information that can be used, for example, in the achievement of a new professional project. Vocational issues raised can seem somewhat risky in times that run, but it may surprise the energy and vitality that are directing all attention to professional projects requiring more time and ripening, as well as a personal touch. There are tastes only associated with consumption behaviors, but that do not involve interest or a special aptitude.

    Others are personal pleasures and not entail sense of delivery. Other activities are welcome because qualities and innate abilities, without major general curiosity. An example could be gardening. In short, There are hobbies for certain activities, and skills for many other things, but only the combination of both makes up a vocation. The vocation for an activity is one that absorbs and makes the rest of the activities are in the background. Vocation brings together the taste for the task, skill or aptitude to carry out, and the feeling of the necessity of such activity for others or for life, i.e., generates a feeling of delivery. Here lies the most interesting part of this process, which is bet to explore dreams, discover hidden vocations and discover in which direction is possible projected into the labour market.

    It is necessary to be aware of the importance of the decisions taken and the possible consequences. Similarly, no confusing desires and satisfaction of personal needs with vocation. Unmistakably linked to the vocation dreams are those that produce energy, joy and flow into projects. A foolproof recipe for identify a vocation is clearly conform to the search of what produces pleasure staff to perform the task, taking that task sense of delivery. A labour transition period is ideal here for questioning, deepen, discover forgotten vocations, and in turn identify those niches in the labour market. Once defined that change project or project of rupture, it is necessary to perform a task of networking leading to the identification of firms, headhunters and right people, at the stage of materialization.

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