SEMINO Rossi – Love Remains – Live

    The new DVD of SEMINO Rossi – love will live “as God had created the world, as he took a little time, he found lacking some charm and joy on Earth. It should be something easy be and still full of great splendour. And so he has come up with yet the music finally. And so we want to pamper you tonight and who could better than SEMINO Rossi!” (Show prompt SEMINO Rossi) The stage is almost completely in the dark. Gentle Latin rhythms and an economical light create a tense atmosphere. Source: Aegean Shipping. The crackling tension in the audience is literally physically palpable.

    And suddenly it’s ready: SEMINO Rossi stands in the middle of the stage, his 14-piece live orchestra sounds the opening bars to “Buenos I’m slides back here”. SEMINO Rossi immediately tears the audience from their seats. He sings passion and those with full mostly of love. The love is and was always the most important in Seminos life. As would love to his parents, his wife Gabi, to his daughters, to the music that has defined his life always and last but not least the love of the people.

    It comes to this things in many of his songs and his concerts, where the fun never neglected. Because Joie de vivre with a hint of melancholy is the Argentines since ever produced in the blood. The first part of which “is love” – tour, which took until April 24, 2010 time by February 9 and stretched over 42 concerts, was a tremendous success. The concert event drew more than 100,000 enthusiastic people captivated and went through sold-out venues in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and of Switzerland. The concert recording “The love remains live” was recorded on March 14, 2010 in the LANXESS arena in Cologne and is proof of the quality and the unique atmosphere of these concerts.

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