Short Money Is Entitled To Temporary Workers – Conditions Improved

    Temporary workers is Frankfurt/Main short-time money conditions improved, July 2009. What was not possible in 2005, allows a change in the law now: since December 1, 2008, also employed by temporary employment agencies can get unemployment money (Kug). The Frankfurt-based recruitment agency manpower Germany points out. Precondition is that a client companies for its own core employees also apply for short-time working. This option new for the temporary employment sector has been achieved through an amendment of the employees transfer Act. “With the unemployment money plus” the framework conditions for applications for short-time working have been improved retroactively to July 1, 2009, from the perspective of the companies even once. Thanks to the changes workers in the temporary work sector now also with regard to short-time working are assimilated to the workers of other sectors”, emphasized the labour market expert manpower, Marcel Pelzer. Short-time work helps to secure jobs.” Manpower offers the chance to qualify workers briefly Pelzer according to.

    You can also on voluntary actions such as the 24 HELP of Manpower Social Day”take part. Until the spring of this year, the payment of short money in the temporary employment industry was legally impossible. Against this background the Federal Social Court in Kassel ruled recently in one case in 2005, then right no short money for a temporary agency workers had been granted (AZ B7 AL 3/08 R). How the new rules will work for the permanent staff of a client company introduced short-time working there employed temporary workers may also work briefly. You do not need to be deregistered. The temporary employment agencies for its employees must request for short-time working. The previously applicable obligation of 100% working failure shall not apply.

    Like other employers, the temping agencies as employers pay workers in short-time working for the actually paid by them Labor wage and salary. The employment agency partially compensates for the temporary workers during short-time working income loss over the short money. The federal employment agency refunded the contributions from the seventh month of the Shelley reference to the company. Applies retroactively since 1 July for the short-time work applied for from 1 January 2009. “This so-called short money plus” is limited until 31 December 2010. Company contact: Manpower GmbH & co. KG personnel services Thomas Engeroff Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 31 60313 Frankfurt T + 49 (69) 15303-242 F: + 49 (69) 15303-222 E: press contact: WEFRA PR society for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker WEG 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) T: + 49 (69) 69 5008 78 F: + 49 (69) 69 5008 71 E: about manpower: manpower is worldwide one of the leading recruitment agency for recruitment, Staffing and human resources solutions. Manpower maintains around the world a Network of 4,500 offices in 80 countries. This makes manpower capable of, the requirements of approximately 400,000 customers from small companies, to operate through the medium-sized companies to multinational corporations. Manpower offers its employees a fixed workplace with training and career opportunities around the world. The vision of manpower is leading in the development and provision of services to which customers and applicants in the changing world of work can be successful.

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