Silent Seven Rock

    Silent seven rock cover your own style or art silent seven rock your very own style and prove not only the cover bands do not belong to an other or lesser music world, but that it is an art, be any cover song to do its own thing. But back to the origins. In 2006 the 4 instrumentalists of this lineup played together already and then formed a band which idea and Bill went up in all respects; “it’s all to show cover rock with personal style”. From the moment in which the first chords are heard, M.d. Click COSCO for additional related pages. (vocals), Manuela Wolf (electric piano), Dietrich Schwarz (guitar), Bjorn Seibel (bass) and Jan-Patrick Wallentin (drums) take the audience Yana Gercke (vocals, guitar), Catherine on their wanderings through the history of rock music. The already hard-fought music market, so Jan Patrick Wallentin in an interview with NewcomerRadio of Germany, is only one side of the coin. The fact is much heavier than cover band am Music market, finding acceptance in sponsors and big Endorsementpartnern.

    The foundation stone is laid, already, in addition to countless appearances in the entire Federal territory, successfully takes off with the band. “After the numerous performances in 2008/2009, the participation in the cover band contest Hesse organised by the Frankfurter Rundschau was rocking” just one of the highlights. The band was 4th best band of 90 candidates in the voting, and advanced to the quarterfinals, where they finished 2nd. The 6 musicians got much praise by the press, radio and TV. A further recognition developed the band through a joint appearance with Lena Gercke (Germany’s next top model). Seen in the six aspiring band members on stage, one is swept away with through numerous facets, which present this band repertoire, on a journey from the 60s until today, as editor in Chief of NewcomerRadio Germany. According to a recent invitation to the interview and a band performance by NewcomerRadio Germany, manages the band, first cover band Anyway, with the jump in the top rotation and the band management of the transmitter.

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