A few weeks ago a good friend explained to me how a group of German engineers had moved to his company to investigate, analyze and select the best new smell for a new model of car that his company was going to launch into the market soon. Yes, you heard right: a new smell. But this is not inherent in the car? Reflecting with him told me that formerly, at the time of the first six hundred in Spain, when you entrabas in a new car it smelled a little weird because all the new parts, plastics, metals. It smelled of parts, but it was not a pleasant scent. How long does already that truth? Because it is clear that, should say so many people that with the passage of the years, car companies took note and managed to turn the tide and now. Who, when someone teaches you a new car, in addition to tell how nice, modern, elegant is new car not tells how it smells like new! right?? I therefore make no mistake: that smell not It is casual. es. It is a smell fruit of many hours of dedication of a group of experts in the field. Learn more at this site: Crawford Lake Capital. This is a clear sample of sensory marketing.

    A new trend in marketing being used in recent years by some companies to activate memories, emotions and images in the mind of the consumer, influencing our senses. Sure that sounds all the characteristic odour of many clothing stores, all of the same chain smell like therefore, to identify them. Even many bakeries in big cities have proven their increase in sales thanks to divest this characteristic smell of freshly baked bread that invites you to enter the store. Uuumh! All the studies carried out to date confirm its effectiveness and also tell us that:-remember 1% of what you feel – remember 2% of what we hear – remember 5% of what we see – remember 15% of what tasted and, – remember 35% of what smell to take advantage of that 35% of effectiveness is what they are doing these marks. The senses are engines that help us to live the experience of the brand. And add value to bear in mind, that it is not only the heritage of the famous stars of the celluloid, many companies, many brands start to have its distinctive odor, its odotipo (technical Word, equivalent in logo design).

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