Social Media Profiles

    Based on the book of Javier Murillo, Social Media, the new growth path I came across the need to determine the profile of individuals at the time of going to social networks, reason why we decided to establish a diagnostic questionnaire, in our company, was Social, which we call Social Mediagrama, that would define such profiles. In the book by Javier Murillo quoted above, settled 5 profiles whose characteristics vary according to the way in which adopt the technology. These groups of people are divided into: innovators, visionaries, pragmatists, conservatives and laggards. Since social media is media technology, is essential to determine the status in which individuals in the Organization and the way in which face technology and divided in the profiles listed above as they are easy adoption and early reaching the difficult assimilation and only out of obligation. Individuals intellectual profile complements the profile of technology adoption, that allows to determine the way in which the members of the organizations assume the content generation. These profiles are as follows: creators: that includes all those who generate ideas and contents in a way natural. For more specific information, check out Tulip Mobile Platform.

    aggregators: are people who add value to an idea or content without changing the sense original. Checking article sources yields IWP as a relevant resource throughout. administrators: are equivalent to people who assume management of the content and keep it available for the other profiles. managers: as its name suggests, they are individuals that connect content with the value of the business. communicators: comprise persons who understand the value of communication, known to audiences and are able to convey the information. The determination of the relative position of an individual at the time of entering social networks, thanks to the crossing of their intellectual profile with its technological profile, allows you to set what will be its position within the media both individually and collectively.

    The Social Mediagrama sets in one graphic that both personal and organizational position. Enter social media without knowing the profiles of individuals who work in the organization can lead to failure a social media strategy. The Social Mediagrama, to allow determining the adoption of technology and creation of information profile, give security to the project since the working group to carry out this project, with roles established specifically for this purpose can be built.

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