Speakers From Motorsport: Concentrated Competence At The Speaker Agency Five Star Speakers

    The speaker agency 5 star speakers from Dillingen/Danube is the specialist in event, keynote speaking and lectures on the subject of Motorsport and motivation. Known names from the motor sport scene, such as the successful DTM racing driver Martin Tomczyk, race engineer Alexander Stehlig, and Arno Zensen, team manager of team Rosberg DTM, to just to name a few, provide their knowledge and expertise in the areas of motivation and team at five star speakers spirit. Because is in motor sport as in the economy: high performance and sustainable achievements are possible only in the team. 5 star keynotes and events with team spirit 5 star speakers gathered well-known personalities from the Motorsport under the umbrella of the Agency. A prominent example is the professional race car driver and 5 star speaker Martin Tomczyk. When the professional racing driver Martin Tomczyk as Audi driver in the DTM, he was the youngest DTM driver of ever.

    Today, he is a fixture in the German motor sport. Martin Tomczyk stands for team spirit, mental power, focus on what needs to be done and team communication. These are also key factors for successful companies. In his lectures on the subject of success, motivation and achievement, Speaker Martin Tomczyk sets out the relationship between success in motor sports and the economy. Or keynote speaker Alexander Sanford.

    He belongs to the most competent vehicle and race engineers of German Motorsport, DTM specifically. As a speaker at 5 star he conveys speakers/sports speakers what it means, under high pressure, with strategy and planning, new technical developments, which can decide on the line to bring about victory or defeat and how important is teamwork and communication. Motor sport is often as a guest commentator on the television to see expert. He acted also as live companion of the free practice sessions of formula 1 speaker Tina Thorner is one of the world’s best rally co-driver on Sport1.

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