Special Education

Thus really we would only be enabled to take care of to this public (pupils PNEE) ' '. However, when being asked if during its academic life it had the boarding of this subject, P1, P3, P4, had said that only in it disciplines Special Education that is optional in the regular and obligator course in the course of formation of professors. While P2 informed that not. We can perceive then that the two licenciaturas that are part of this research approach in its curricular matrix discipline that they contemplate in its summary the Special Education, this are evidenced in speak of P3 that says: ' ' … Only in disciplines of Special Education, that is one disciplines optional, is not of the grating of the course … If you are not convinced, visit Keith Yamashita. ' '. After the stories above, are easy to understand because all had said not, when questioned if the courses had contemplated its expectations in relation to the subject, being that P1, P3, P4, that had had the chance discipline to attend a course it above cited had said that well it was worked, however an only moment inside of the course, whereas P2 cited the fact of disciplines to be optional, as main reason for its dissatisfaction.

A documentary analysis of the processes of recognition of the courses of Licenciatura was also carried through, therefore these not yet Had Projeto Poltico Pedaggico (PPP). The summaries had also been analyzed discipline of them of the licenciaturas that are part of this research and only in it disciplines Special Education. FINAL CONSIDERAES the intention of the work were To understand as the courses of Licenciatura in Mathematics of the UESB (southwestern state University of the Bahia) campus of Jequi, treat to the inclusion of special carriers of educational necessities (PNEE) in the regular net of education, in its proposal pedagogical politician (PPP). The data collected in the interviews and documents analyzed in them had propitiated a quarrel that together with theoretical referencial makes possible the construction of this work.

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