Sprengel Museum Hannover

    The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Leonardo Vinci described it as a beautiful fantasy exercise to read out from the surfaces of ancient walls forms and figures.Victor Hugo sales is the time after dinner, by he further crafted with coffee residue stains in the tablecloth. Kurt Schwitters marched through Hanover, fascinated by the smorgasbord of civilization. Especially the art of the 20th century owes much to chance or steered chance. High time to present an exhibition on the subject.

    The Sprengel Museum Hannover has been exemplary in scene chance in art. The art of the 20th century after the dissolution of purely realistic academic art through the camera conquered the random and artists such as Picasso, Schwitters, Paul Klee and later Jackson Pollock, Daniel Spoerri and Gerhard Richter created a methodological integration of chance in the art of smashing the bourgeois world by the first world war. Especially Max Ernst developed an entire encyclopedia aleatorischer Techniques that decisively shaped his surrealist work. As examples, the Sprengel Museum Hannover has gathered many milestones of random art. In the presentation, the exhibition makers leave nothing to chance. The suspension system with its Gallery Rails sets works perfectly in scene. Useful placed picture lighting meet small graphics as well as large sculptural designs.

    Of the work sequence of exhibition spaces up to the frame of the gallery a consistently successful theme show. Examples of chance in art coincidence, coincidence here: in most cases, the artists of more or less of random bar is. Niki de Saint Phalle shot with the rifle on plaster reliefs, where Squibs were hidden. She laid out an experiment and left the rest to chance. Max Ernst ‘fascinating Cypress’ emerged as Decalcomanie, a technique of taking over a surface streaks of color. Ernst traumwandlerisch-gestaleterische work was graphically and picturesque to read these streaks and to shape. A kind of methodical Rorschach test. Jackson Pollock drilled holes in the paint bucket and ran across huge, lying at the bottom of image formats. ‘Jack the Dripper’ a perpetual joyful inspiration was one with the emergence of his work, the Act of painting. Museum of the merit to have drawn a huge range of media and artistic personalities on a coherent thread to the Sprengel. Art exhibition, a discreet suspension system with single gallery rail, beautiful Gallery frame and the right focus placed picture lighting together with the well researched and presented artistic networks contribute to the success of the exhibition. The exhibition ‘Sheer coincidence’ is in the Sprengel Museum Hannover by the 15.5 15.9.

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