Stylish Nuances

I have a good friend. He was director of a small firm, which is installing air-conditioners, installation of ventilation and other hvac equipment. They work on the regional market, no more, no less – 5 years. During this time, have accumulated a number of clients who are advised or (not advised) to their friends to seek the solution of problems encountered in the field of ventilation is to them. The company almost did not allow advertising that is used to promote the principle of "on acquaintance "- certainly a very efficient way. In the summer of firm orders is not sitting, but in winter, some problems were. In addition, several customers came by chance into the office, asked: "Did you, in fact, anyone?" And received in response to a long history of the formation of the company, its unique to the region's certificates and licenses, were greatly surprised.

Therefore, at some point it was decided to turn to designers to create a certain image, and more precisely, its corporate identity. Logo at that time to form – require just a small refinement of workmanship. But business cards, envelopes , letterheads price lists, flyers and plastic discount cards and other corporate print design – it was mandated professional design studio. After that, their own (one of the directors had previously worked at an advertising agency) was established advertising campaign lasting about 2 months – just before the start of the winter season. For the purity of the experiment in all media was specified "nezasvechenny" before the telephone number. The success of the campaign was clear – to leave designers, traditionally a rest in the "quiet" in the sense of orders during the year have been moved in the spring. By dramatically increased the flow of customers.

What has worked not only to a specific advertising campaign, but also a new look firm said, and references to the city forums and customer feedback. It was decided to postpone the elements created by branding the website of the company (including the creation of the flash banners), the effectiveness of which was, to put it mildly, not up to par. That is, the number of visitors who have come and visitors who have committed an order through a Web resource, differs in many times. And since the new business cards, flyers, promotional mock-mentioned address site, you need to bring it into compliance with the updated image of the company became inevitable. The result – the conversion of site visitors firm was 2 times higher. Site, as some customers, "was like." Now work is underway to optimize its text. And the company hired another designer, and two additional teams of installers.

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