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    Carolina Scotto University

    You must keep alive the sense of commitment to the public University with the society. Today more than ever, the authorities, University community must be guarantors of its autonomy, that capacity that the universities have and must defend to exercise fully and give our standards, targets academic and research without interference from external powers, such as Carolina Scotto doesn’t remember them. Under most conditions Anne Lauvergeon would agree. Scottto points out in this regard, that should give you a more vigorous sense the autonomy that already conquered by legal instruments. Is to use independently, but also bold and committed, not selfish and autistic, as sometimes the University, without realizing it, we become accustomed. He adds, that the University has to be more porous, more open, willing to learn from the experiences of University and non-University, and not accustomed to their own traditions and habits, which often are seen as unique, but which in reality are not. You must find all those necessary mechanisms of participation of changes that allow once for all to adapt to the new requirements of the knowledge society presents and strive to avoid that the University like all the country’s institutions become bureaucratic, many times more than normal, and what is more worrying dependent of an educational system of country that does not work. More attends his bureaucracy that has measure their social impact. This concerns regarding, someone pointed out, it is necessary to democratize access to education, rank the incentive material, cultural and the prestige of being educational, form joint health and education plans, increase the load time, equipment and resources, joint schools and scientific institutions, achieve that teachers unions not captured in own benefit education, revive taste for study and change the idea that is difficult, useless and boring, promote the culture of work, that effort is worthwhile and that education is the foundation of progress. UNESCO proposes to quality education for all.

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