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    In the present conditions of the metropolis and the availability of multiple technologies, no printing can not be absolutely immune from poddelki.Odnako there are ways to greatly increase the reliability of the press and create huge difficulties for the con artist trying to make a fake. Print-protected – printed with hidden items whose primary purpose – protection against counterfeiting printing. The company "Printing and Photography" has been successfully engaged in protection offer standard options for protecting the seals and the individual – developed by our experts to konrektnogo customer. Please contact our office, check the time and during the day will receive a personalized layout to print protection of high complexity. Protections Printing: Printing from protected – printed with hidden items whose primary purpose – protection against counterfeiting printing.

    Figure out the fine lines (generated grid, composed of thin lines, from the smallest repetitive elements) is drawn minor defect. The defect should pick out so that it did not attract much attention and could always be attributed to a single print. Additional information is available at fender. -Rendered vector hand ring – a ring, which limits the size of print. The standard difference between the rings counted only the thickness of the line (which is the same for the entire diameter of the press), pick up a ring in identical if there's to be a mismatch. The use of ultraviolet dye.

    UV dye shows up only at special lighting (as important are the very light and the angle of illumination). Make full stamp for subsequent copying under such conditions is very difficult. Important! In order to successfully forge a seal imprint, in which there are elements of UV paint wheeler-dealer must be aware of their existence. Raster. In raster graphics image is based on the points of the same size. Raster printing requires protection from 50 to 80 lines of point 1 cm Raster field is difficult to impress as soskanirovat and produce. For this type of protection as a method of manufacture may be used only laser etching. Special font. To print a duplicate was taken for the original difference between them should not exceed 3%. Using non-standard, hand-drawing fonts denies the possibility of fraudsters to pick up an identical font and, therefore, greatly complicates the process of printing fake.

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    Projection Screen

    better to use a projection screen. Modern projection screen is no longer a sheet on the wall. But, despite the fact that it's not complicated electronic equipment, newcomers may be disheartened by the number of must first decide whether the screen was installed in one place once and for all, or it is required for viewing in different rooms. If you intend to use the screen in different grades or classrooms, offices or come out on top, but the fact that their share will rise – no doubt. When you select a stationary model we do not divert these options, and will remain at the forefront of image quality. Choosing the least weight mobile options, do not forget about the rigidity and stability, and the choice of convenient and reliable locking in the unfolded state mechanism – is not desirable to increase the size too and the same weight.

    If not known in advance, in which premises will have to deploy a mobile screen, you need to think about the rack on which it can be hanged. Typically, a mobile screen folds flat into a tube that serves as a plumb line to its tension in the suspension. it is desirable to do so. Variants of structural designs on mobile screens, we've already mentioned. Basically it is a collapsible tube (vertically or horizontally) models, which are held in a deployed position gravity, springs or special mechanisms. They can be hung on walls, on special racks or have the support of its construction. Stationary models can be of two basic types – and collapsible Deployed either manually or using electric (motorized versions). WEIGHT not so crucial as in a mobile version, and keep the canvas as a flat screen easier. If two opposite edge of the screen fixed tube and bar, the edges left free to hold in even more complicated.

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