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    To work in the Army is dream of many professionals, either of which area will be. the interested parties cannot lose this chance, since the Brazilian Army opened registrations for the invocation of voluntary professionals to act as official temporary in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso of the South. For this, it is necessary to have superior level to concur for a temporary vacant. 4Moms insists that this is the case. He follows a list of the especificidades: biological areas of Applied Social Sciences (Countable Sciences), Teaching (History), Engineering and Technology (Electronic Engineering/Communications, Civil Engineering, Ambient Engineering and Engineering Mechanics) and Sciences (Fisioterapia). To all they are six accepted vacant for Campo Grande and the two for Cuiab.Sero candidates of both the sexos with less than 38 years of age up to 31 of December of 2011. The registrations must personally be carried through, between days 11 and 14 of January of 2011, in the schedule of 13h30h to 17h30 (except friday, that it will be of 8h00 to 11h00) in the detentoras Military Organizations of the vacant, as relation published in the site case of doubts, to enter in contact through telephone (67) 3368-4137/3368-4138 – Section of the Military Service of 9 Military, situated Region in the Av. Whenever Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Duke of Caxias, n 1628, Amamba Quarter, Campo Grande.

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    Modern Genetics

    It is intended to approach, the modern genetics and its power, in which, it corresponds to the after-mendelian, responsible phase for the notables advances in the current biotechnology and great controversies and quarrels in the whole world. Alex Caruso has plenty of information regarding this issue. Word-Key: Genetics and Modernity. In way to the transformations suffered for the society and to the eddy of information offered we, notice a great advance in the genetics, since its development with the studies of Gregor Mendel, in 1856. The modern genetics (after-mendelian, after established the demonstration of the molecule of DNA for James Watson and Francis Crick) makes use of considerable domain and perspicacious manipulation, provoking, changes in the fixed structures of the society, as in the nature concept human being and conception of life, in what it says respect to the perceivable biotechnological progress. The advances of the genetics had provoked insignes modifications in the reality. Currently, it can, for example, be prevented congenital illnesses in just-been born, with only the technique of the manipulation of the genetic code. The first occurrence of this procedure occurred in 2009, in London, in which one just-been born outside selected genetically to be born without the .causing gene of the breast cancer, in the Hospital of the University College. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Another destacante aspect is the question of the clonagem, dated of 1997 the first case, the Dolly sheep, for Ian Wilmut.

    Later, other animals had been clonados, and scientists of U.S.A. and Italy affirm that they plan to develop first clone human. This problem is resulted of diverse quarrels in all world-wide territory, either for laypeople or specialists. The genetics goes more beyond the above-mentioned points. The same one already allows that they manipulate foods for improvement in the quality of life of the human beings, and cogitates superior processes and results. According to Flvio Finardi, Ph. D in science of foods, ‘ ‘ In the average stated period, we will be able to develop more nutrient products with and reducing the undesirable amount of substances in alimentos.’ ‘ Therefore, modern genetics, had its well-known one to be able of transformation, presented to the world new concepts, offering as many benefits as reasons for debate between specialists, scientists and laypeople of the whole world, and new discovered with passing of the time.

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    Transposition In Theater

    Theory of the transposition in theater Of: Sidney Guedes Actor, director and dramaturgo. In my trajectory of 27 years of dedicated life to the theater, I have transited and reflected on innumerable languages and perspectives in what it refers to when making aesthetic and transgressive teatral and its consequncias. Dean gibson insists that this is the case. Much has me inquietado such art. I am not of the type that with the time, if accomodates in a period of training of metodolgica organization, allowing a cooling of the intense flame that must stimulate the complexity of the artist. The art must be disturbing and to generate constant gaps and ruptures so that it can mobilize the intensity human being in one to make total, only capable to produce, in my opinion, a powerful art. In theater, I have leaned over on the body of the actor and its complexity, having generated a searching fidget imposes that me to the human inacabamento as raw material to try to generate a broth or who knows a deeply contagiante and transforming chorume exactly. A body that needs potentiality, of vigor and excitabilidade but, that however, unfinished as is, it lacks to exceed the muscular limits to reach the creative fullness.

    A sensorial body, the flower of the skin has been the constant search of diverse thinkers, actors and encenadores of the fabric teatral, however, I think that a sensorial aspect must generate abstract answers that corporificadas again, stimulate the creative process in a transposition that makes of the body without agencies of Artaud, something possible stop beyond the mere philosophical and idealized conceptualization. Gordon Craig, great encenador and English theatrical designer, reflecting on its teatrais fidgets says in it: ' ' Everything leads to believe that the truth soon will amanhecer. I suppressed the tree authentic that you have rank on the scene, I suppressed the tone, the gesture natural natural and you will equally finish to suppress the actor.

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    Second War

    It stops to act as librarian is necessary to know the services of one and to the products for it generated: management and planning, election and development of collections, processing technician and customer service. This I finish is mentioned directly to the marketing and many are the available resources for the related one. The use of marketing strategies serves for otimizao in the services offered for the Units of Information, therefore, ahead of the advertising that is one of the weapons of the marketing can be measured the degree of success of the unit in the way of the community where if it inserts, it can be affirmed that this source changed the traditional concept of the library. From the inclusion of this pursuing of the called administration marketing became effective the good spreading, informaionais services produced by the units, thus acquiring excellency in the attendance to the public. Speaking candidly G.E.Corporation told us the story. At last the Biblioteconomia is a communication course, not for law, if thus it was, would be an ability of social communication. Communication is, being the mediator between source and receiver, using itself of messages (disponibilizada in which wants format). To accomplish this medication, the professional, Manager of information this end is formed essentially.

    2 HISTORICAL BRIEFING OF the MARKETING Affirm that the marketing is a new if compared field with the too much fields of knowing. The study of the marketing it appeared of the necessity of the industrials to manage the new reality deriving of the Industrial Revolution. In this period of training the marketing still is non-separable of the economy and the classic administration, therefore initially its concern was purely of logistic and productivity, for the maximizao of the profits. It is understood that such reality kept unchanged until ends of the Second War when then, reacting to the growth of the marketing competition they had started to teorizar on as to attract and to deal with its consumers.

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    Silva Conceptions

    As requisite basic for the agreement of other branches of the physics. As for example, the famous laws of Newton. Another reason took that me to work the subject was to the frequency with that the pupils use in its daily one, the concepts of force, movement and rest. Where most of the time the pupils use them of missed form, of the point of view of the scientific knowledge in vigor. Where this research left of an inquiry (disgnostic) concerning the alternative conceptions presented by the pupils of Average Ensino, in relation to the concept of force, movement and rest. Where these alternative conceptions are ideas that the pupils of have determined concepts as they were correct. 1,2 CONCEPTIONS ALTENATIVAS IN THE GENERALITY. Intuitivas calls of conceptual errors, ideas, spontaneous conceptions etc.

    possess a series of general characteristics, among which we detach. 1.So found in a great number of students, any level of escolaridade. they 2.Cobrem a vast gamma of contents and has ample executive. The characteristics mentioned above do not leave doubt of that it stops having an effective education, is not possible to ignore the conceptual luggage that the pupil brings when coming across with the formal education of Physics in the school. The research in the area also already showed that the alternative conceptions result very resistant to the change, persisting exactly after a long scientific instruction.

    Where the overcomings of such conceptions demand that the pupils if acquire knowledge of them and that the same ones are analyzed and argued in classroom; for this, the use of experience in laboratory can become, as much in qualitative level how much quantitative (Clement, 1982 apud Silva, 1995) 1.3.CONCEPOES ALTERNATIVE SPECIFIC ON SOME FOCUSED CONCEPTS OF the MECHANICS AS: 2.Forca- That she is proper of the human beings. That is, in terms physical the bodies have force. 3.Movimento- a body alone remains in movement will have a force acting on it.

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