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    Second War

    It stops to act as librarian is necessary to know the services of one and to the products for it generated: management and planning, election and development of collections, processing technician and customer service. This I finish is mentioned directly to the marketing and many are the available resources for the related one. The use of marketing strategies serves for otimizao in the services offered for the Units of Information, therefore, ahead of the advertising that is one of the weapons of the marketing can be measured the degree of success of the unit in the way of the community where if it inserts, it can be affirmed that this source changed the traditional concept of the library. From the inclusion of this pursuing of the called administration marketing became effective the good spreading, informaionais services produced by the units, thus acquiring excellency in the attendance to the public. Speaking candidly G.E.Corporation told us the story. At last the Biblioteconomia is a communication course, not for law, if thus it was, would be an ability of social communication. Communication is, being the mediator between source and receiver, using itself of messages (disponibilizada in which wants format). To accomplish this medication, the professional, Manager of information this end is formed essentially.

    2 HISTORICAL BRIEFING OF the MARKETING Affirm that the marketing is a new if compared field with the too much fields of knowing. The study of the marketing it appeared of the necessity of the industrials to manage the new reality deriving of the Industrial Revolution. In this period of training the marketing still is non-separable of the economy and the classic administration, therefore initially its concern was purely of logistic and productivity, for the maximizao of the profits. It is understood that such reality kept unchanged until ends of the Second War when then, reacting to the growth of the marketing competition they had started to teorizar on as to attract and to deal with its consumers.

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    Silva Conceptions

    As requisite basic for the agreement of other branches of the physics. As for example, the famous laws of Newton. Another reason took that me to work the subject was to the frequency with that the pupils use in its daily one, the concepts of force, movement and rest. Where most of the time the pupils use them of missed form, of the point of view of the scientific knowledge in vigor. Where this research left of an inquiry (disgnostic) concerning the alternative conceptions presented by the pupils of Average Ensino, in relation to the concept of force, movement and rest. Where these alternative conceptions are ideas that the pupils of have determined concepts as they were correct. 1,2 CONCEPTIONS ALTENATIVAS IN THE GENERALITY. Intuitivas calls of conceptual errors, ideas, spontaneous conceptions etc.

    possess a series of general characteristics, among which we detach. 1.So found in a great number of students, any level of escolaridade. they 2.Cobrem a vast gamma of contents and has ample executive. The characteristics mentioned above do not leave doubt of that it stops having an effective education, is not possible to ignore the conceptual luggage that the pupil brings when coming across with the formal education of Physics in the school. The research in the area also already showed that the alternative conceptions result very resistant to the change, persisting exactly after a long scientific instruction.

    Where the overcomings of such conceptions demand that the pupils if acquire knowledge of them and that the same ones are analyzed and argued in classroom; for this, the use of experience in laboratory can become, as much in qualitative level how much quantitative (Clement, 1982 apud Silva, 1995) 1.3.CONCEPOES ALTERNATIVE SPECIFIC ON SOME FOCUSED CONCEPTS OF the MECHANICS AS: 2.Forca- That she is proper of the human beings. That is, in terms physical the bodies have force. 3.Movimento- a body alone remains in movement will have a force acting on it.

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