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    ACE Systems

    Introduction to systems of electronic injection fuel injection systems arose previously with mechanical injection. Do after? hese appeared so-called systems electromechanical based its operation in an electronically assisted mechanical injection, passing in one the last stage has been the emergence of systems 100% electronic. Tybourne Capital might disagree with that approach. Electronic injection relies on the slurry preparation through injection by electronically regulating doses of fuel. It presents great advantages compared to its predecessor the carburetor. Do do carburetor based his operation in a system exclusively mec? nico, by not giving a precise mixture to the necesitda in different marches presents irregularities in? stas, mainly in baja.

    This deermina an excessive recently in fuel adem? s of a greater pollution. Another situcaci? n that can occur with the carburetor mixes are unequal for each cylinder, forcing to generate a blend that feed up to cylinder which most need it with one larger amount of fuel, this problem looks solved on injection do if you have an injector in each cylinder to provide the exact amount of fuel to the cylinder requires electronics, evidenced also? n in a better use of fuel and a better consumption. Better controlled dosage of the electronic injection taking into account temperature and engine speed allows in addition a cold start more short and one going efficient in the heating phase. These above mentioned reasons allow furthermore one of the most sought after in the last decade advantages, the reduction of the pollution of the environment friendly. Electronic injection make possible the entrance of the exact fuel that is needed, at the exact moment in which it is required.

    This ratio of fuel and air adjusted at all times during any gear engine make possible the reduction of polluting gases. All this translates into an increase in power with improved thermal performance. Do Adem? s these systems leave us the possibility of optimizing the design of admission leads way which is do you make looking for harnessing currents aerodynamic, allowing ACE? fill in a way more efficient cylinders achieving well more power.

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