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    Paris Motor Show

    The new Porsche was different from his predecessor's more powerful (272 hp) engine, gearbox two types – a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic Tiptronic. Also, 993-th received a fundamentally new multilink rear suspension, wide more streamlined body and sloping headlamps. Again, the premiere – to consolidate its market position poslekrizovoe sports cars in the class of inexpensive cars, Porsche is at the Paris Motor Show 1996 a new type of car – a model Boxster. In a question-answer forum Tao Li Teng Yue New York was the first to reply. Being a middle-roadster, Boxster offers a new generation capacity with impressive numbers (2,5 liters. and 204 hp).

    Engine – a brand new 6-cylinder opozitny, with 4 valves per cylinder, which was placed in front of the rear axle with water rather than air-cooled. Model had a 'soft' or 'hard' roof. This year was also remarkable access to the world one millionth Porsche, it has become – a police 911 Carrera. 1997year: the next prime minister – to secure the success of the model Boxster, Porsche is in Frankfurt an entirely new 911 (index 996), which is very much like Boxster, but it was a complete 911-m. A year later, the audience was presented 911 Cabriolet, the roof opened and closed hydraulically by clicking on the button.

    Fixed aluminum roof comes as standard. 2000-2000 E-published Model Turbo, which by law has the status of the flagship series of 911. Changes affected the exterior and powertrain, which for a volume of 3.6 liters gave out 420 horsepower. Of course, this is not the last role was played by two turbines. Body Model 'Poobros' many cooling air intakes and 'skirts', which gave the resistance a car on the road even at speeds of 305 km / h. Also this year there is a more powerful version of the Boxster, which was the index 'S' and a new 3.2- liter engine. In Paris, was a prototype Carrera gt. Novelty engine formula-type V10 power 558 hp A year later, in Frankfurt the presentation of the second-generation Carrera 911. Body had four options: two compartments, with complete and a rear wheel drive and two convertible. The engine is again added to the volume, and now stood at 3.6 liters. As on the Turbo model, but without the turbine with capacity of 320 hp Changed the lighting and the front bumper, improved trim and made easy facelift bodywork. Maximum speed rose to 285 km / h and acceleration to come around in 5 seconds. Also, based on 911 Build gonochngo Beast '- Porsche 911 GT2 (996). The engine is even more aggressive than the turbo version, speed and dynamics even more. In 2002 came two new items that have completed a series of 911 in body 996. These models are called the 911 Carrera 4S and 911 Targa. Engines, they were the same as that on other Carrera. The main differences were in appearance: Carrera 4S was 90% similar to the turbo model but without the static rear spoiler, but with a special rear-lamp unit, which is installed only on this model; Targa coupe based on the model, and therefore received more rigid body, the roof was completely glass.

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    Challenging Economic Environment

    Provisions of the law on compulsory motor tpl insurance direct damages and for forming the small accident without the participation of police officers will act only in respect of those contracts to be concluded on 1 March 2009, said at a press conference on 26 February, representatives of the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA). Head of Department Evroprotokola sar Andrew Yuriev explained: in order to use direct settlement, policy osago, issued no earlier than March 1 must have a victim. Before you use Evroprotokol (Simplified design of accidents), it is necessary to ensure that contracts for mandatory "", concluded on 1 March, are both participants in the accident. The law does not clear guidance on what policies are subject to innovation. In this regard, pca has consulted, in particular, with MPs and government agencies, but a consensus was not reached. February 25 Union has an opinion on this issue of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Government of the Russian Federation, said at a news conference, Vice-President Andrew Baturkin sar. According to him, the institute concluded that the extension of the new standards only for those contracts to be concluded with the March 2009 Andrew Baturkin added that before buying a policy of mandatory ", car owner came mainly out of convenience acquisition policy, not thinking about what will happen with the insurer of its liability, since the accident to contact with "their" company to the client now does not have to and he gets paid by the insurer culprit accident.

    From March 1 citizens will consciously choose insurance companies, given the prospect of direct communication with them for insurance cases, says vice-president of Union. Head of the Committee on the methodology of X-ray Vladimir Kozlov, said that the gradual introduction of new systems in order to avoid osago "collapse, congestion problems, failures. In addition, the pca believes it will help alleviate another problem, which fear the market participants – splash fraud. Another argument in favor of gradual innovation Vladimir Kozlov called "challenging economic environment" against which the reform is implemented osago. According to the law on compulsory motor tpl insurance, the victim can apply for payment under the contract osago to his party liability insurer (use direct settlement) in the case of traffic accident injury was caused only property and at the same time, the accident occurred in involving only two machines whose owners have policies osago. Contact information is here: Crawford Lake Capital. Execute documents on the accident without the participation of police officers can be in when the damage only property, the accident occurred involving two vehicles funds, the owners of which have policies osago, and its circumstances do not cause controversy among the participants of the accident and fixed in a notice of an accident. With the simplification of the accident victim will be able to count on insurance payment of up to 25 thousand rubles.

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    The Role Of Car Reviews

    Personal vehicle is, undoubtedly, a new world for young drivers. And until then, it happens sometimes difficult to understand the service standards of the iron horse. But what beginners and experienced people sometimes do not understand the elementary moments of the operation, which thus can significantly extend the life of your vehicle. In order to assist with the car, and appeared this resource. The creators of this resource are the real experts of their case. Do the creators of the site extensive practical experience in repairing foreign cars as well as our models. Site aaronbock.net, it is possible to gather a lot of practical advice on car service. Excluding tips Services can be read features by buying a car, depending on the country.

    Isolated role auto reviews, because thanks to them, it is possible to acquire and understand the negative positive side of almost every car, and calculate the ability to spend. Sometimes it happens that the car liked visually, and people buy it. And then begins unscheduled breakdowns. And the spending is not so sudden. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Macy’s Inc. by clicking through. Their in general is actually avoided. To do this, just to make very clear what kind of car you want to buy. Implies not only a model or type of the body, but engineering characteristics.

    It so happens that on the idea developers, the car is excellent, but even the best idea fails to operate smoothly in a hideous Russian conditions. Minded people in cars will be able to cite many examples. Example of such a car as a vw Passat B5 with an aluminum suspension. Cars at home, such suspension able to serve a long time. But countries such as ours dorgami such suspension very quickly breaks down. And examples of such – very much, all, you can learn from our oyuzorov. The car is without a doubt, the special world for an inexperienced driver. And until then, it is sometimes not easy to understand the rules of service of his four-wheeled steed. Yes, that young, and sometimes people experienced does not represent a large number of manual features, which are able to extend the life of many of your machine. To help with the car, and there was this site. The creators of this resource are true specialists in their field. These masters of great practical experience in repairing automobiles both foreign and Russian models. On the Internet site aaronbock.net, it is possible to find many new skills for maintenance of the car. In addition to advice on using can understand the interesting aspects of buying a car, depending on the country. Separate is the role of car reviews, due to the fact that, thanks to them, it is possible to travel in a motor show understand good and bad side of a potential car, and provide possible financial contributions. To do this we need only clearly understand what kind of car you are going to fly. Means not only the name, or body type, but also technical features. It so happens that originally, the car is superb, but even a good idea not can not operate stably in the heinous Russian conditions. Knowledgeable people will be able to give many examples. Get a car like Audi A4 with an aluminum suspension. In European countries, such a suspension can be a long time. But in places with hideous roads, this suspension is extremely fast breaks. and examples of these – a great variety of all, you can learn from our reviews.

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    Wholesale Auto Parts

    Auto parts wholesale, production and sales – a fairly profitable business. Therefore, among the companies supplying the market of auto parts in bulk, there is considerable competition. A variety of companies offering auto parts wholesale, allows the buyer to choose the optimal conditions for themselves. On the other hand, to understand where and how to buy auto parts wholesale, very difficult. Companies that supply auto parts in bulk, can offer both original and unoriginal product.

    Genuine Parts Wholesale – parts, to be marketed under the brand name of a plant producing vehicles themselves. Aftermarket auto parts wholesale offer other manufacturers. It is important to note that the boundary between them is very conditional. The fact that the vast majority of automobile manufacturers do not produce their own full range of parts and components. They place orders for other businesses and buy from them the necessary spare parts in bulk. Such third-party manufacturers can supply to the plant only a portion of production. In addition, it can independently sell wholesale auto parts from the same party. And if the first part, marked by the stamp of the plant, will be deemed an original, the second (in fact, the same auto parts wholesale) – unoriginal.

    Of course, this does not mean that all companies, independently producing auto parts wholesale, work at a high level. Quite a few that supply auto parts in bulk, do not meet quality requirements and bezopasnosti.Avtozapchasti wholesale, sold by official dealers are considered to be original. They come not only in the free market, but also on the assembly line. Other companies that are not considered official dealers can offer a wide range of non-original spare parts. Typically, a company that supplies auto parts wholesale, specializes in one or more brands of cars. This allows her to make contact with reliable manufacturers and selling quality auto parts in bulk. In addition, the supplier is usually responsible for either domestic or foreign brands.

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