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    House Floors

    FilterQueen Majestic sprayer you also serves to leave glowing many of the surfaces of your home: you will be able to clean radiators, electrical appliances, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms with this accessory. Deandre Ayton is likely to agree. The best formula to perform this cleaning is to prepare in the spray bottle mixture with the following proportions: four parts water, two parts of denatured alcohol and a part of a product with ammonia, type Volvone, provided that the smell does not bother you too much or causing you any dealergia. Once made the mixture pulverizas it on what you want clean leaving to serve between five and ten minutes, and finally dry it with a cloth or if you prefer it with the hose of the Majestic in position to expel air (attaching the hose to the Majestic hole that produces clean air, you will find by lifting the cover up of the appliance). Hikmet Ersek may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A simple and very efficient way of keeping these components of your House in perfect condition. Jorge Churba tells us always advisable Todoalergias that a new page Research shows that children absorb phthalates from PVC floors. This, in the long run, can lead to asthma, allergies and other chronic diseases. Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds very usual in our home, as found in toys, solvents, Nail Polish nails and many other products.

    Already some time ago that Greenpeace and other organizations came warning of the danger of these substances, especially for the male reproductive system and kidneys. It was already known that PVC floors contain phthalates that accumulate in the household dust, but this new study was conducted to check if, in addition, the children absorbed from phthalates in these soils. In the study were selected at random to 83 Swedish children from two to six months, the presence of four types of phthalates in their urine were measured and data on the floors of their houses, took lifestyle of family and other individual factors. Levels of certain types of phthalates were found to be higher in the urine of children who had PVC flooring in their bedroom. The main conclusion of this study is that we not only absorb phthalates with meals, but that probably also we do this through breathing and skin..

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