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Jesus Christ

Chance and you god in time without end for this! Today It is our lawyer, but in Its return it will be our judge and he does not go more defending in them, goes exactly is judging in them! It goes to evidence in practical ours that we are exactly worthy of living in the paradise throughout the eternity. Nothing better of what being quit with Mr., he is not same. If you not to repent itself, will receive the darknesses, because of the deceits and lies where the servants of the enemy incessantly try to involve you to moor and you for take it for the hell in the eternity. God did not call you to toa, not! But It is just, true living creature and knows to each one of us back in our soul and knows well what he transfers himself with us in details, plus a reason for you if to evaluate first and to correct themselves in what still he is torto in you. Not frustre more the expectations of God me relation you, therefore It wants to grant a very blessed life to you this way and in to take you to the eternity for skies! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing..

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The Name

1) The Name of Jesus is a Powerful Weapon Because It is above of All the Name: and gave a NAME to it that is on all the name (Fl. 2:8). Mr. Jesus is seated to the right hand of God in skies above of all principality, and power, and to be able, and domain, and of all name that if can relate (Ef.1: 10,21). It is the same in being able and authority yesterday, today, and forever (Hb.13: 8). He does not have another name that has as much power and authority as the name JESUS. All the demons of the hell know the power and the authority of it.

Pablo, the apstolos, and the primitive Church had repetidamente proved repetidamente the power of the name of Jesus. I and you are authorized to use this weapon poderosssima, the name of Jesus. Thus being, let us use this WEAPON in time of war against the Satan and its demons to get the victory. Again I want to display to them, as illustration, an experience of> Confided in my front an immense telo, fellow creature to the one of a cinema, and inside of it vi a great black hand pressing a small man In my name (Mc.16 will banish the demons: 16). We must speak directly with the Satan commanding to it on behalf of Jesus. We can speak in the face of the revolting one: the Satan, you was defeated in the cross of the Calvrio. For the authority of the name of Jesus I command to it that he has left.

For the name of Jesus I arrest you and all its workmanships. I want to illustrate this topic with the following miraculous experience: During some years I worked in the area of release in the outlying areas of Manaus, I prayed for many possessed people of dirty espritos and them they had been you free, some immediately and others after> Shepherd, prays for my son. It has a spirit he makes that it to eat plate, cup and bottle of glass. Raymond does not feed itself you are welcome, only makes to eat glass. I hear voices speaking by means of it! . Later that I heard this desperate mother, I was full of compassion, and, then, I imposed my hands on it. After that I made the following conjunct of command: dirty Spirit, command I you: wide this youngster and does not disturb more it! I am not asking for, and yes commanding on behalf of Jesus, it leaves! in the Church where its mother is member. Aleluia! Glory the God! (Text of the Book: Taught the Warriors of Ora, Pg 63-68.

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Already I do not call you servants, because the servant does not know what Sir makes its; but you I have called friend (Jo. 15:15) Friend is that one that for more made a mistake than we will be, goes loving in them, in the ones of the o shoulder to cry, participates of our impossible dreams. Friend is that one that says: I do not agree to what you have fact, but always love I you and will be with you! God is this and we do not stop. to the times nor in we give account to them of this so special person that he is always to our side. That at this moment you come to say with this FATHER AND always present FRIEND and that with all certainty loves you what everybody more than, even though of what our parents.

This is a little of this so special person that it lives in me, tried to summarize a little of my feeling for it! this is a little of this so special person that it lives in me, tried to summarize a little of my feeling for it! I passed for as many things in my life, when not even my parents lands were of my side. But it left never me. alone I can say that to very. Desire that each one of vocs has this meeting with God as I had, therefore, the love of it in constrange and never more we come back to be of the same skill!>.

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