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Agree, even us adults it is difficult to comprehend such dimensions. Their children, I have shown large pumpkin and pea. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hamdi Ulukaya. "Imagine" – I say to them: "If our solar system to reduce so that the sun was the size of this pumpkin. Earth would then, together with all cities and countries, mountains, rivers and oceans would become the size of a pea that. Older child can tell you about the most mysterious form of stars – black holes, which differ huge density of its substance.

The figures are so incomprehensible reason, even an adult, it is better to once again explain the examples and learn everything in comparison. I take an apple and carve out his cube with sides of 1 cm. I try to be more precise, using a ruler. Tell your child that this cube weighs about 1 gram. "And now – I say it – imagine that exactly the same size cube, we would cut off from the black hole. How much do you think he would weigh? Hint: a lot, have no idea how much.

Can you with something to compare the weight? "- How to weight – he says. – No, worse. – What car? – No, even harder. – How to train? – No, the train and even the whole structure – a speck of dust compared with in such a small piece of the star. It is hard to imagine that 1 cubic centimeter of a black hole weighs 200 million tons! Child is, of course, nothing to say, so that we continue to compare with the familiar, even if only in pictures objects. Show him a picture of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. It is desirable that in the photo next to a giant piece of ancient architecture were seen small "insects" – men and camels, cars – is "insects" average magnitude. Imagine how much can weigh a pyramid! (Note: The construction of the pyramid of Cheops has left 2.3 million stone blocks weighing an average 2.5 tons each. It is easy to calculate that the weight of a pyramid is equal to about 6 million tons!) compared with the cube of the stellar matter, such whopper by weight can be compared only with a feather, because it can outweigh only 35 of the pyramids! Then we take paper and pencil, draw a pyramid on a white sheet of 35 triangles. Agree that this scheme never dreamed of and most Mavrodi. Not surprisingly, after such stories and experiences a child can not only seriously interested in astronomy, but also passionately love this wonderful science. Just as we all love the fact that she was studying – the stars

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Internet Bamboo

Raw material from which made bathing things, in particular, bamboo towels or towels , misc. One of the good stuff is bamboo. The fibers are made from the pulp of this extraordinary tropical plants. Terry bathrobes bamboo products draws water in greater amounts than cotton. Also there is a towel with a mixed view: bamboo cotton towels. Bathrobe buy and buy terry towels made of bamboo on the Internet shop in our time to make it easier than ever before. Responsible timely delivery of goods in general does not burden the customer.

Another very nice feature bamboo fibers – is bactericidal quality. In fiber bath Bamboo products are not counted nonbiological antibacterial fiber. Even after pyatitedesyati washings products retain antibacterial qualities. But the laundry, of course, be preferable to do at about 30-40 grudusah water to the original characteristics and tenderness of the material preserved in most long time. Bamboo grows in tropical and characterized by an unusually brisk growth in comparison with other plants. During the day, it can grow to 120 cm bamboo used in construction as a forest, and perhaps in another way, as well as the production of woven products, the production means to tidy and domestic economy, etc.

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