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    Indigo Children – Blue Glow Branchy Cranberry

    In the 80 years of the last century thanks to the efforts of a handful of creative so-called psychics have appeared indigo child. No, not in the real world – in the minds of people, books and the Internet. At first glance the title seems intriguing – because they, unlike other, normal children, the aura of blue. For others, it is normal children – gray, pink, green, and they have – blue. This is certainly not without reason – that we are trying to convince the authors of this discovery.

    However, that such an aura and how it can be see compete and accept the mere mortal – a question, though interesting, but from the perspective of the authors – quite minor and unnecessary, and special efforts to explain this puzzle, they do not trouble yourself. Important to them another – these same indigo-children, one and all, have amazing abilities – clairvoyance, telepathy, non-touch perception, and other extrasensory abilities. Here it is – the missing link! And that in fact had it was not clear – he lived himself an ordinary man, nothing remarkable is different, and suddenly the time – and for no reason, no reason at all became psychic. But that's not all. It's easy to think that indigo children absolute immunity, principally a different genetic code, a range of electromagnetic waves emanating from their bodies, three times more than the average person, such people have liver is capable of digesting almost any food, even one that we actually food do not believe, and the coefficient of mental development exceeds the sacred number 129, inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

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    In general, such auctions can be named trading platforms, which bring together the seller and buyer. And if you have a unique thing you want to sell the most of it, or you want to get something out of the ordinary, you can safely use the services of eBay or similar auction. Among the unconventional auction distinguish the so-called Scandinavian auction, which has recently enjoyed great popularity. The rules here are: the organizer at the lowest price put up for auction item (for example, for a rub.). After the opening of trading the timer, and participants are allowed to bet, usually in increments (eg, 0.25 rub.). Win one bidder, who will be able to make a last bid before time runs out. Since, in such trades is impossible to predict who will win the auction, participants are provided compensation rate of 70%. This type of auction is similar to certain mix of lottery and gambling, where the winner becomes known only at the very end.

    In addition to the Scandinavian auction, there are quite a rare and unique in its essence auctions. For example, to obtain the right products at an auction for a fall, is only possible if your proposed price for the goods will not only be minimal, but unique. For example, put up for auction tv. You offered him 20 rubles. Your proposal will be unique, if nobody else will offer the same amount (ie, 20 rubles) Winning in bidding is guaranteed, provided that there will be other unique bids, which will be less than 20 rubles. View bids of other participants is possible only after the auction. A novelty among the auctions became a Dutch auction, which runs on entirely different principle. Participate in this auction is paid.

    Exposed lot (for example, a camera), and recruited a group of participants. After starting the bidding starts a timer and a product is exposed to the full cost (to noted that the lot has exhibited a check and guarantee). If, for example, an hour has not appeared willing to buy a camera, then the price is reduced by 10% and product costs for 90% of actual value. If even one hour can not find a buyer the price will drop another 10%. And so on until not find a buyer. Of course, many online scams. And not to deceive, we recommend first to the most meticulous way to explore information about the company, which conducts Internet auction site. First look at the contact information. What it more, the firm solid. After that, read reviews, see a photo gallery, learn all the rules and terms of agreements, and only after that register at internet auction and start bidding.

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    Agree, even us adults it is difficult to comprehend such dimensions. Their children, I have shown large pumpkin and pea. "Imagine" – I say to them: "If our solar system to reduce so that the sun was the size of this pumpkin. Earth would then, together with all cities and countries, mountains, rivers and oceans would become the size of a pea that. Older child can tell you about the most mysterious form of stars – black holes, which differ huge density of its substance.

    The figures are so incomprehensible reason, even an adult, it is better to once again explain the examples and learn everything in comparison. I take an apple and carve out his cube with sides of 1 cm. I try to be more precise, using a ruler. Tell your child that this cube weighs about 1 gram. "And now – I say it – imagine that exactly the same size cube, we would cut off from the black hole. How much do you think he would weigh? Hint: a lot, have no idea how much.

    Can you with something to compare the weight? "- How to weight – he says. – No, worse. – What car? – No, even harder. – How to train? – No, the train and even the whole structure – a speck of dust compared with in such a small piece of the star. It is hard to imagine that 1 cubic centimeter of a black hole weighs 200 million tons! Child is, of course, nothing to say, so that we continue to compare with the familiar, even if only in pictures objects. Show him a picture of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. It is desirable that in the photo next to a giant piece of ancient architecture were seen small "insects" – men and camels, cars – is "insects" average magnitude. Imagine how much can weigh a pyramid! (Note: The construction of the pyramid of Cheops has left 2.3 million stone blocks weighing an average 2.5 tons each. It is easy to calculate that the weight of a pyramid is equal to about 6 million tons!) compared with the cube of the stellar matter, such whopper by weight can be compared only with a feather, because it can outweigh only 35 of the pyramids! Then we take paper and pencil, draw a pyramid on a white sheet of 35 triangles. Agree that this scheme never dreamed of and most Mavrodi. Not surprisingly, after such stories and experiences a child can not only seriously interested in astronomy, but also passionately love this wonderful science. Just as we all love the fact that she was studying – the stars

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