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    Venezuelan mortgage system referred to the housing policy, is conformed by the following types of loans: financing with resources from the mandatory savings fund for housing (FAOV), consisting of the following: acquisition of housing with FAOV. Expansion of housing with FAOV. Self-construction of housing with FAOV. Remodeling of housing with FAOV. Financing with own funds of banks: acquisition of housing. Expansion of housing.

    Self-construction of housing. Refurbishment of housing. Then we will detail what each of these types of credits. Acquisition of housing with FAOV: establishes the legal regulations in the field of housing policy, that people who contribute to the system of housing policy may apply for a mortgage with the purpose of acquiring your main level primary or used housing. This standard provides very advantageous conditions for users with interest, deadlines and quotas of a social nature. Thus we have the following conditions of these loans of housing policy: to pay monthly fee: the amount of the fee to be paid monthly is given by monthly household income according to the following scale: income family monthly maximum monthly fee until Bs. 2,800 20.00% from Bs. 2,800 to Bs.

    5.474 25.00% from Bs. 5.474 until Bs. 7,000 30.00% SOCIAL interest rate special. The applicable interest rate social mortgage loans granted with the resources of the funds regulated by the residential system is as follows: monthly family income SOCIAL interest rate up to Bs. 2,800 4.66% from Bs. 2,800 to Bs. 5.474 6.61% from Bs. 5.474 until Bs. 7,000 8.55% term of amortization of the mortgage loan. Mortgage loans for the acquisition of main dwelling shall be granted for a maximum period of 30 years. THE MAXIMUM VALUE OF THE MORTGAGE LOAN. They may be granted up to by 100% of the value of the property given in guarantee according to the appraisal that is practiced by proficient specialists registered with the Superintendency of banks and supplied by the Bank operator. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Everest Capital.

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    USD Prospects

    In order to have income in internet marketing have to firstly have visitors to our blog and how this is accomplished through the generation of traffic and now this may be already be paid traffic or traffic free. We talk of the paid traffic and esque this is known with the name of traffic paid segmented and it is where a banner is put on a blog that this ralacionado to your niche can be in blogs, forums etc. and this is the traffic segmented. Now there are different companies like those that are pay per Click: PPC Google PPC Yahoo PPC MSN PPC of Ask and among others but the most used are the previous. Now let’s look at an example of the self-financing proposal: for example I want to have paid traffic and this is the segmented and that can be measured and have a banner or an ad now for every click I’ll pay you suppose is an example 0.15 USD then says that the page capture of our blog has a 25% conversion is to say that for every 100 visitors who arrive to my page capture is equal to 25 prospects then if they are 100 visitors would be paying then each prospect estaria costandome.60 15 USD USD cents because because 15 USD are which am paying between 25 prospects and no visitors then the cost of every prospect it would be.60 cents of USD bone.060 per 25 prospects equal to 15 USD I’ll pay. Now if I have 400 visitors would have that pay 60 USD because equal to 60 USD 400x.15USD then would have 100 prospects because they would be 400 visitors by 25% conversion of page equal to 100 prospects capture and every prospect me it would cost $.60 cents because they are 60 USD between 100 equal to.60 cents of USD prospects and if I have a product that I sell in 47 USD and I have two sales would gain 94 USD less 60 USD for PPC would have a gain of net of 34 USD. But takes into account that here you already have 100 prospects and that these prospects can be converted to customers if you follow the process of Email marketing that explains previously. This is literally in the Anglo-Saxon market is more expensive PPC we would be talking about 2.5 USD onwards PPC otherwise in Spanish until now are so high the costs of PPC in Spanish is not an advantage to generate traffic paid through the self-financing proposal.

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