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Price War

Large chains have embarked on a price war. The battle is served. Mercadona chain, known for its slogan of always low prices, has restructured its linear, drawing on the same products that do not have the required rotation, even of leading brands. With that in practice, has enhanced its own brands and are a step closer to Lidl hard discount rate (with differences, however: the impeccable presentation of the shops, excellent personnel policy, in the best of the sector. ..). And has set a little lower average prices, for which, besides reducing its margin has tightened to the suppliers (the threat of withdrawal of non-linear is little).

Price wars are generally harmful to the sector that is involved in them, for causing a spiral in which all lower their margin to the extent that the weaker can not stand. While seemingly beneficial to the consumer might have side effects such as loss of jobs in the companies involved, motivated by lower profits, the same effect on the providers to “squeeze “…. A Mercadona have joined other giants of the distribution, so the battle will be intense. Although all emphasize that fall in consumer prices, as embodied in various ways: through the empowerment of private labels (Mercadona), or the creation of the same in the case of the English Court (Allied), by various promotions such as Carrefour rounded prices (up to 72% off), the anniversary of Eroski supply (up to 40%, 3×2 …).

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The Future

Remember that there is never favorable winds for which don’t know where he’s going, also your action plan will help you retain the enthusiasm to be able to review any achievement or progress regardless of the size, that is, the more important will be kept always on the road and with the approach towards the expected results. Fourth: Execute necessary actions to achieve what you’ve proposed. There is no transformation without action, but you must do so now, since the only opportunity you have to achieve your purposes is to act in the present, remove the brake to your life, for it is necessary to move from intention to action putting aside all obstacles that you yourself you’ve put on the road. It is hard to believe that our own thoughts and beliefs are the only us stop but this is the general rule for all persons and one thing is safe, if your own mind you closed with padlocks roads, she is the only one that has enough power to be able to open.To overcome obstacles that may arise you all you need to do is have enough decision, use a good dose of energy and maintain a discipline that will allow you to be consistent in all of your actions you undertake. Fifth: have a clear vision of success that is intended to achieve.

Finally and more difficult for the majority of people have confidence that without a doubt we will achieve what we propose, the image that must tax in your mind must be of yourself logando each of your goals; you have to see you in the future as you want to be for you, i.e. reaching each and every one of your desires.You must always remember that nothing is as successful as the image of success.So that the forces of the universe will act in our favor we need to have faith that so will be without a doubt. In summary is never late to retake control of our own life and your you are solely responsible for your own happiness and you should take advantage your capacity through personal commitment mentioned above which take you to find the key to have a life of satisfactions and happiness.

Web Marketing

I think it is important for you to know when and how penalizes Google so that on the one hand be cautious in your online marketing actions, and on the other hand, know how to act in this regard. Sometimes, due to ignorance or by risking too much, a web page can be penalized. Let’s see how it can be you penalized if you do link bombing. -If Google believes that your web page is of low quality and makes link bombing, will be criminalized and drop positions. But also, in a matter of a few weeks, will be penalized also those pages in which you have placed links. -If on the other hand, Google believes that your web site is trusted, web sites in which you have placed links do not suffer the consequences as regards the fall of positions, if you is penalized. -In very serious cases, or what is the same, cases of link bombing for a long time, the web page in question You can lose up to 50 positions in the ranking of Google, for a period of between two and three months. -Normally Google penalizes the internal pages of a web site, non the homepage. Probably because much more suspicious and unnatural is placement of links that are directed to an internal page. Will agree with me that, in general, is the home that receives a greater number of visits or links. To know more: Web Marketing entrepreneurs

Japanese Cultural Nuances

These cultural nuances are also manifested in the workplace. In case of conflict or dilemma, Japanese workers are willing to exert the pressure of the group in order to achieve a cooperative balance. (insight. iese. edu)The use of long duration, a characteristic trait of the Japanese company, also influences the effectiveness of sanctions to colleagues. If someone earns fame being taken advantage of, the damages that will suffer on a daily basis are obviously more serious that those who would experience if given the possibility of leaving the company with a minimal cost.

However, the use of long-lasting also hinders the Japanese to build trust relationships with organizational practice Extranosla of horizontal transfers also is very common in Japan. Rotations of jobs allow employees working in various departments, offices, or factories, so there are very few possibilities – especially in large companies – that employees work together in the same place for a long time. As they move, the pressure of the group changes. There are four steps to be an employer of excellence. These steps are: good, do good, good as good. Honest, punctual and disciplined. For example: here are about 600 people.

If the speaker comes 10 minutes late, we’re losing 6,000 minutes in this nation. Why you can not play with time and less time of other persons (Carlos Kasuga Osaka) the fundamental principle of respect: if it is not yours must be someone. If this pen you found on a desk it should be someone, then return it. If you find a watch or a ring, it is not yours, you must be from someone, if you find a wallet lying on the street and it is not yours, should be of someone and if you find yourself at a party an is n ora, and isn’t yours must be of Western alguienLos produce enormous amounts of equal goods with high costs; the Japanese, quantities limited of products varied at low costs.

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Training Level

Coaching, as already discussed, it is not suitable in emergency situations, even if yes it in high creativity and customization. High creativity and low urgency situations: when the objective that seeks the company requires a high level of creativity, and the urgency is low, then the coaching can be an excellent option to achieve creative solutions. As we have seen, its own methodological foundations seek discovery or the creation of new knowledge (unique and unrepeatable), which allows you to discover new ideas, thoughts, strategies, and even behaviors. And, since it does not offer solutions or councils, the result of coaching will always be highly creative. But, to do this, it is essential that the urgency level is low. I.e., that customer has enough time to make those changes and creations emerge during the process through successive trials and errors. Ultimately, coaching is only recommended when the situation of the client, in relation to the objective to achieve, high level of creativity required (i.e., does not seek advice or specific knowledge of third parties) and low level of urgency (i.e., that the customer has enough time to carry out exercises of trial and error). Therefore, the coaching comes to occupy quadrant no-directivo par excellence within the range of possibilities and organizational resources. This is because the training, consultancy and mentoring are unsubstantiated in the transfer of knowledge, and therefore on the experience of the teacher, consultant or mentor, who ultimately has the solution to the problem. On the other hand, coaching, as we have already explained, is based on the knowledge of the client.

The Company

The salary of civil servants varies greatly according to the type of management for its work on this subject there have been many complaints that for example the national police are paid less than the local police, but regardless of these cases, continues to be paid half that for many households is economic relief. Also in times of crisis the official salary freezes but not low. Officials are also called Moscoso which are free days that belong to them and that can be enjoyed throughout the year. In addition to holidays that every worker has the Moscoso facilitate the life of staff members. Officials is another advantage that we should highlight, not everyone has the same schedule or enjoy what then explained, but it is common to find people who match this. There are jobs in which there is no work in the evenings or only work some evenings a week, many officials have holiday weekends and also some must not meet 8 hours a day of work in administration. This and the ease of meet the schedule is one of the main advantages and that the official can devote all this time that is not working in it or the people of her around.

Management provides numerous training courses to its officers so that their knowledge continuously up-to-date with technological advances. With the advantage that non-compulsory courses and job is not affected if the decision not to perform them. Is lately much talk of the advantages of officials with respect to the new laws that are being approved, in addition to equality legislation which a worker meets always, can exercise their rights (rights of strike, maternity, etc.) without that retaliation. The leave of absence that officials can enjoy adapts to multiple instances, for example may request leave of absence to try to work in the company private longer than if not goes well always have the possibility of returning. Other types of leave of absence which is the order of the day is on maternity leave. In any case if you decide to return to public administration officer retains seniority rights. Although you can not generalize because each job is different and there are officials who do not adapt to these advantages and who work more than 8 hours, they work the weekends, etc. But what a person gets when it approves an examination for official is in general quality of life.

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