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    Make-Up Application

    Gathered to do a photo portfolio to friends and acquaintances at home, in addition to the preparation of photo equipment, do not forget to also focus on the make-up model. The success of home photo session is not only the ability to correctly seat model, select the camera angle, but also how prepared the model's face. Talking about shooting in the home, we primarily have in mind the unpredictability of artificial light, which is fraught with many pitfalls, and and frequent use of built-in flash on the forehead. In order to avoid these difficulties, follow the advice of a professional makeup artist Andrew Drykina and success in a nice portfolio, you are guaranteed. Tip 1 – Right make-up person. At this stage it is very important to bring the skin in perfect order.

    Smooth skin color can give foundation. Get rid of the excess glitter powder will help. Tip 2 – Proper eye makeup. Eye makeup, start with nakrashivaniya eyelashes. Avoid the lower eyelid eyeliner! At home, when artificial lighting is difficult to predict how eyeliner would be perceived camera.

    Brings the lower eyelid, if you are not afraid of unpredictable results. Tip 3 – The right make-up lips. Choose a tone darker than the lipstick, if skin is light and vice versa, light color lipstick choice for darker tanned skin. Tip 4 – The application of rouge. It is necessary to draw your attention to rouge. Blush highly salient in the photo so be careful with rouge, especially the bright colors. Blush fatty, creamy textures require perfect feathering. Tip 5 – If you want to completely avoid unpleasant surprises in the photo it is recommended that the gray-sand propudrit tone of the place that you do not want to attract attention, slightly obscuring them. So you'll help to distract attention from non-desired parts. If you interested in issues of proper makeup makeup artist Andrei ask them Drykinu.

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